Much truth in this presentation.
As per Kissmyassinger, he is one of the most evil persons to have ever lived. He is still alive so he can still be hanged to death.
That Trump actually consulted this monster says a lot about Trump.

The Australian Constitution has NO Bill of Rights so the only rights the people have are the rights given to them by the government. Same in Canada, the UK and, actually, MOST countries.

This news is out of Australia, NOT out of some tinfoilhat fuck in his mother's basement in Florida, you fucking psycho Jesuit Nazi dictator!

All your big box corporations are doing it. FUCK THEM!
Walfart, Fartget and all the rest of the big assholes. Hmm, what more can you expect from assholes(besides their fascist shit)?
Notice how people fiercely and devotedly defend their authoritarian captors. BRAINWASHING IS QUITE THE SCIENCE.

I don't speak Hebrew but it wouldn't surprise me if they were happily bragging about the success of Israel's vaccine program.
I guess the obvious effects of the jabs will never be seen....just disappear from everyone's controlled brains.

Let's just BEAT the covid out of everyone. Brilliant!
Now, why didn't I think of that? Must be cuz I am just a tinfoilhat dumb fuck.
Whether this protest was about covid or not is irrelevant because the covid era has ushered in this despotic government minion behavior.
The Spanish faction of the Covid SS is hard at work fighting the dreaded covid. YEAH! HURRAH!

The truth still manages to slip out of their gaping pie holes at times.

Stephanie Gard Has Been PfizerStruck.
The physical therapists are gainfully employed now.

Everthing he says is the opposite of truth, meant to deceive and misdirect like a magician.
What us tinfoilhat fucks know of AU we learn from Australians, you lying fuck!
If he was being honest he wouldn't have to read everything verbatim from his professional, high-paid spin doctors.

I guess each new lie just cancels out the last. Once the bullshit is high enough who wants to dig to the bottom of the pile to find the first pile of their stinking, poison SHIT?

Protests. Look like parties and the despot fuckers are cozy in their homes and dont give a shit about you.....it would be like caring about the well being of the roaches in their bathroom.

Armed robber, continue on. No mask, you goin' down mutherfucker

There have been many huge protests worldwide and that does not alter a fucking thing because the despots do whatever the fuck they want until a bullet stops them.......and if that happens the next despot steps in with even worse authoritarian measures! Fucking protests are like a day in a parade. YEAH! (NOT)
The dictators don't give a flying fuck and are laughing at you.

I don't think any more money should be wasted on this fatal parasite called Fauci. He should just be transported straight to the nearest tree and hanged high enough to be out of reach of passers-by and left to rot off of the rope.
A sign would be cool, with a short explanation of what happens to mass murderers and medical extortionists.

I love his skydiving analogy. :-)

some do it for the money, some for the giddy rush they get in their groin
the concentration camps in AU are now being used and they are just getting started
honestly, i wish horrid, slow deaths on all these despots worldwide
the army and police grunts who carry out the orders are exactly like all armies and pigs who say "I was just following orders"....
sheep with pig snouts

I have to pause and re-watch a lot of things in here because there is a lot in here.
Dana Ashlie
Wow, I was surprised by much in this video.
Dana connects a lot together cohesively.

The FDA gets most of it's funding from Pfizer so they will do what they are told. This is a defect of government who, if they cannot fund the FDA and cannot control the bribe, excuse me, the donation process, then the FDA should be shut down and all "approvals" suspended until a working system can be implemented(if this is even possible). The people running the FDA are part of the corrupt "revolving door" system.

When Len Bias died in 1986 at age 23, apparently of cocaine use, it became a giant news story. How could such a young, healthy athlete die so young?!
Why do most of us old enough to remember the news from 1986 remember the Len Bias story? For the fact that the death of a young athlete was so extremely rare.

Today, with the vaccines, athletes are dropping worldwide and it barely raises an eyebrow. See the disconnect yet? See how the news is manipulated? And see how the death of young athletes was so rare before the vaccines that the death of a single athlete became a top news story?
Now it is happening DAILY and yet you would think that it has always been so common that we just didn't hear about it BECAUSE it is just a common, normal occurrance.
Maybe the "vaccines" cause a high degree of mental impairment such that the vaxxed victims become detached from obvious reality around them, and/or are now easily manipulated as well.

And look at the sharp rise in myocarditis among the young as a direct result of the "vaccines" and this is permanent heart damage that will end the lives of all but the very strongest within, some cardiologists estimate, about 5 years.

And what happens to resolve this crisis? Well, now the mass murderers are advertising, even on the sides of busses, that heart attacks in youth are commonplace.

He was(is) ahead of his time.

I have seen a lot of his stuff but this is one of his best, or THE best.

Mind-boggling and scary when you start to see the whole picture.


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