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What should we do with the traitorous, selfish, apathetic, and cowardly jerks who interfere with our attempts to replace the "ruling elite" with higher quality people?

Compare the Auschwitz death camp to Eisenhower's death camp. Which do you think was the most cruel? Which do you think killed the most people?

The 9/11 attack was a false flag operation staged by people in Israel, the USA, Britain, and other nations. Do you know what a false flag operation is? Don't let these operations deceive you into hating people who are not your enemy.

The video is low-quality because it was created before YouTube existed, and YouTube has been deleting a lot of my videos, so I've been moving them here.

An Australian Jew was coming back from a vacation in Israel, and the Australian custom officials discovered that he had some diseased eucalyptus leaves in his luggage. Where did he get those diseased leaves? Why was he bringing them into Australia? Can you figure this out?

The original video of this event was removed from YouTube. Who would want this censored?

This is another of my old videos from 2007. The resolution is low because the Internet was more primitive back then. YouTube is censoring some of them so I am putting them here.

Victor Ostrovsky claims to be an ex-Mossad agent who is exposing Israeli tricks and crimes, but is he really an ex-agent? Or is he still working for the Mossad? Is he doing damage control? Is he a Pied Piper leading people in the wrong direction? Be careful who you trust!

Theodor Herzl created the Zionist organization in 1896 to take Jews back to their homeland in Palestine, but since then a lot of evidence has come out that those white skinned Jews are not the original, brown skinned Jews of Palestine, and that their true homeland is near the Caspian Sea.

These idiot Zionists have been instigating wars and causing lots of trouble over a false assumption of who they are.
This is another of my old videos from between 2005 and 2007. It is low resolution because back then the Internet bandwidth was expensive.

I made this video sometime around January 2008. Since some of my videos have already been censored by YouTube, I've putting them on BitChute.

This video is intended to inspire people to notice which group of people is dominating the information about the 9/11 attack, and whether we should trust them.
The image quality is low because video in that era had to be more compressed than today.


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