30 Seconds To Midnight

The real reason the Pentagon is missing trillions of dollars
[A Mouthy Buddha Excert]

Scene from The Devil's Advocate [1997]

Covid Deaths versus Covid Cases

George Orwell on the erasure of history
[From the book 1984]

The dream is over
Jeff Goldblum [The Fly, 1984]

TheLastWhiteMan about the civilizational evolution
of neo-liberalism in European countries.

Home [2009] Excerpt

John Locke explaining the struggle of the moth

[Lost, Season 1 Scene]

The Oracle discussing the future with Neo

[The Matrix, 1999]

A Mouthy Buddha Documentary video
[What They Don't Want You To Know]

Out Of Reach

[Stargate SG1 Excerpt]

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What are you offering?

Michael Douglas, The Game, 1997]

Bill Gates on depopulation through healthcare and reproduction services[TEDtalk, 2010]

What They Don't Want You To Know
[A Mouthy Buddha Documentary Excerpt]

Excerpt from Mark Twain's Adventures [1986]

Aaron Russo's warning about the New World Order [2006]

Excerpt from Europa, The Last Battle Part 1

Excerpt from Truthstream Media on global control

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Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished

Myron Fagan on the enslavement of the American people

Boston Dynamics Surveillance robot patrolling the streets of Canada

Geordie Rose on summoning entities through quantum technology



Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington discuss the purpose of war [1995]

Entering: The Great Reset


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