Esoteric Literacy

In this lecture, we discuss the principles of Hermetic science as laid out in the Hermetic framework of two thousand years' philosophic and scientific endeavor based on the so-called Corpus Hermetica and the works of Renaissance Era thinkers and Twentieth Century revivalists.

00:00 - Introduction into Hermetic Reasoning
11:26 - The Principle of Mentalism
13:22 - The Principle of Correspondence
21:00 - The Principle of Vibration
27:15 - The Principle of Polarity
31:24 - The Principle of Rhythm
35:48 - The Principle of Cause & Effect
41:59 - The Principle of Gender

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In this lecture, I will give a general overview of the UFO phenomenon, its history, and most of the theories floating around out there regarding what the phenomenon may or may not be. This should provide an unbiased foundation on which further research, investigation, and speculation can occur.

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00:20 - Popularization of the Phenomenon
2:45 - Extraterrestrial Hypothesis
6:12 - Angel/Demon/Virgin Mary Theory
13:04 - Inter-Dimensional Theory
14:35 - Consciousness Conditioning Theory (the danger of suppressing the fringe)
19:15 - Supercomputer Theory
19:35 - A.I. Trojan Horse Theory
24:35 - Black Budget Theory
25:06 - Computer Simulation/Matrix Avatars Theory
26:11 - Spirits of the Departed Theory
26:49 - Spiritual Compensation Theory (Carl Jung/George Baker)
29:46 - Superspectrum Theory
33:21 - Time Traveler Theory
36:20 - Gaia Theory
37:41 - Technological Adaptation/Evolution Theory (from ghostly caravels to space travelers)
43:56 - Mainstream Ridicule of UFOlogists, scientists, and experiencers
48:41 - Steiner-inspired Spiritual Hierarchy Theory
50:30 - Reality Distortion/Apotheum
55:29 - Flaps/Poltergeist/Transmogrification
58:40 - Book Recommendations
01:12:20 - Conclusion

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In this episode, we will discuss some of the more famous accounts of auto-writing, trance channeling, and medium phenomena and how to look out for fraudulence and deception.

0:30 - The Bible
1:15 - Difference Between Auto-Writing and Dictation
4:10 - Urantia Book
9:07 - Technology of Deception
10:38 - The Aquarian Gospel
14:04 - A Course in Miracles
16:46 - Oahspe
23:34 - The Vedas
24:45 - H.P. Blavatsky
26:04 - The Ascended Masters & Their Imposters
29:28 - Besant and Krishnamurti
30:27 - Intellectual Laziness of Natural-Born Psychics
32:40 - Alice Bailey and How to Detect the Secret Religion of Materialism
37:30 - Maria Orsic and the Vril and Thule Societies
40:54 - Lazaris and Jach Pursel
41:37 - The Council of Nine and Andrijah Puharich, Uri Geller, Phyllis Schlemmer
45:38 - Orphic Circle and Emma Britten
47:10 - Reason Vs. Revelation

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In this episode, we will discuss the spirit known as Ahriman and his influence over the material dimension of life and the development of human technology.

00:31 - Who/what Ahriman is
3:16 - Ahriman and the Nervous System
6:14 - Human Incarnations of Lucifer, Christ, and Ahriman
9:05 - Ahriman's influence over Academic Physics
12:38 - Transhumanism and Messianic Materialism
21:54 - Artificial Intelligence Paradox, Conjuration, and The Golem
29:37 - Harmony Vs. Utility; Sacred Interaction with Tech
34:42 - Misplaced Governing Power + Conclusion

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In this lecture we will be discussing a general introduction to esoteric thinking and the ideas of Rudolf Steiner regarding the evolution of consciousness.

0:58 - Dr. Rudolf Steiner
2:43 - Eso- and Exo-
5:08 - The Human Being
10:42 - The Cosmic Hierarchy
13:21 - Stages of Earth Development
23:54 - Post-Atlantean Epochs
46:05 - Some Book Recommendations

Archive of Steiner's books and lectures:


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In this video, we will be discussing the Rosicrucian stream of history and philosophy, its origins in Germany, and what that means for the Slavic people and the future evolution of humanity. I hope this sounds sufficiently weird to pique your interest.

0:50 - Rosicrucian Philosophers from Germany
13:52 - Ideal States
21:38 - What is the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross?
28:14 - The Slavic Epoch

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This is an educational channel dedicated to the lesser known aspects of philosophy, science, religion, and history. Many of these topics will no doubt be controversial. It is not my intention to offend anyone's religious sensibilities or scientific world-views but merely to explore and discuss the strange phenomena and events that go largely ignored by mainstream academic and religious institutions.

This channel is for skeptics, scientists, philosophers, teachers, agnostics, the faithful, the pure in heart, the open-minded, and people of all sorts who are interested in delving a few layers deeper in their inquiries than what is offered to us by our conventional education systems.

Hopefully these videos will help dispel the dogma and superstition of both the scientific and religious communities, foster a deeper spiritual yearning and connection, create level-headed and reasonable paths of research and investigation, and bridge the gap between science and spirituality.