Esoteric Truths 2 (Unofficial) Download and re-upload!3jgmXQzI!wWHQEAZplvCLgymeOOrmpw
In 1939, New York's Madison Square Garden was host to an enormous—and spectacular—gathering of 22,000 loyal American patriots who wanted an answer to the Marxist plague that was destroying their culture and their great American civilization. At the time of this recording New York City was over 90% European, today it is a degenerate multicultural crime-infested slum.

In fact, due to over half a century of communist brainwashing, America is truly only America in name only. America today, like all other western nations, is nothing more than a slave colony to international finance.

Download and re-upload!3jgmXQzI!wWHQEAZplvCLgymeOOrmpw


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