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ATS CASA ESPANA Mohali is located on NH-21. It is 1km from Chandigarh, designed by architect Hafeez Contractor. ATS Casa Espana homes have been appointed with modular cabinets, sunbathed living rooms with spectacular outdoor views, spacious bedrooms with private balconies and interiors finished in immaculate detail.
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Estate Drive is the fastest growing property portal in Tricity, enabling buyers and sellers to meet their demands and expectations according to their requirements while buying or planning to buy residential/commercial property in Chandigarh. Estate Drive allows you to list your residential/commercial property in Mohali on the platform or search for a new property in Panchkula. The online platform brings beautiful and luxury real estate properties under one roof. This enables both buyers & sellers to cut down the head-scratching research that leads to confusion. At Estate Drive, we help you find the best commercial/residential property in Panchkula, Mohali, and Chandigarh.