Part 3. It took me like 7 or 8 tapes to record it all, and then in one of the final boss battles, the game decided that its time to get corrupt. Im guessing that since this is a pirate cartridge, it was the built in copy protection trying to do its job, but failed. The issue was fixed by dying in the battle and starting over. It was REALLY scary when that happened right at the final boss.

Part 2. By now you may have noticed that the sprites flicker, alot, causing some major slowdowns. Welp, this is because the game is being played from a pirate cartridge, which is also kinda the reason why battery is dead. Anyway, i couldnt procure a legit copy way back, so bought a pirated one instead from a local guy on the market. The guy dissapeared years later when the market went into a major overhaul.

Ive done this one in quite a few versions in the past (mpc, megadrive), but this is the one i will upload (famitracker)
∞■▲♥ - 010



for more songs, go to
♣¥◄☼ - 007

Atariesque. BTW all of my songs can be found on....
€▼♠♦ - 006

Livestream VOD - 18.11.2019 - PALADINS

Livestream VOD - 15.11.2019 - Short evening stream of Quake 3 Arena (Part 2)

Livestream VOD - 13.11.2019 - DOOM 64 PART 4

Livestream VOD - 13.11.2019 - Realm Royale and Paladins

Livestream VOD - 12.11.2019 - Tuesday evening Quake 3 Arena

Livestream VOD - 12.11.2019 - Tuesday morning test stream - Testing Quake 3

Livestream VOD - 11.11.2019 - DOOM 64 PART 3

Had to reupload this because the original rendered incorrectly. There are also some audio errors throughout, as the audio recorder for some reason skipped moments of audio.

Snacks in this episode:
00:22 - Sweet Chilli Dippi (Taffel)
00:42 - Sourcream & Black Pepper WAFFLE (Taffel)
02:18 - Sourcream & Onion Balls (Taffel)
03:27 - Dumle original (Karl Fazer)
04:28 - Grill Party (Taffel)
05:33 - Karl Fazer Maitosuklaa (Karl Fazer)

Snacks mentioned in this episode:
Kalevs toffee

SFX: Estlib
Intro tune: Estlib
Font: Serpentine Light

Music tracks used:
Estlib - Inferno
Estlib - Greed
Estlib - Haze
- 291

Livestream VOD - 05.11.2019 -
Tuesday evening retro stream - DOOM 64 PART 2

Livestream VOD - 05.11.2019 -
Tuesday morning retro stream - DOOM 64

Livestream VOD - 03.11.2019 -
Famitracker strem (covering a track)

Livestream VOD - 31.10.2019 - NESmaker thing - starting from scratch with platformer

Expect to see more streams of this

Livestream VOD - 31.10.2019 - Spook Fortress 2

Chat didnt work this time, so the chatlogs stuck with twitch

Content for the month of November, 2019.

Im editing this description a year after recording the source materials, what do you expect me to put here?

Snacks in this episode:
00:23 - Domino Kardemumma (Karl Fazer)
01:20 - Tutti Frutti PASSION (Karl Fazer)
03:42 - Jyväshyvä Suklaapisara (Karl Fazer)

Snacks mentioned in this episode:
None in particular

SFX: Estlib
Intro tune: Estlib
Font: Serpentine Light

Music tracks used:
Estlib - Parallax
Estlib - Bamboo
- 289

Livestream VOD - 24.10.2019 - Paladins Battle Pass Grind in ranked - LAST LEVEL


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