A quick video I cooked up following my completion of the Claire’s Sanctuary DLC from Jurassic World Evolution. This is meant to replicate life during the middle Campanian stage of the late Cretaceous period (specifically 75,600,000 years ago) in Alberta Canada. Though the title refers to Dinosaur Provincial Park, the more formally known Dinosaur Park formation also works as a location in this case. Enjoy!

Euoplocephalus tutus
Parasaurolophus walkeri
Corythosaurus casuarius
Chasmosaurus russelli
Styracosaurus albertensis
Panoplosaurus mirus (played by Nodosaurus)
Gorgosaurus libratus (played by Albertosaurus)

After three months, it’s FINALLY HERE!!! A shorter episode this time around, but hopefully no less enjoyable.

Description: The end of the Jurassic brought about great change to life on planet Earth. Flowering plants and broad leaved trees became more widespread, bringing about the rise of new kinds of insects. For the dinosaurs, the Cretaceous would bring about their greatest diversification yet, both among herbivores, and carnivores.

Time: Early Cretaceous Period (Barremian Stage), 127,000,000 years ago

Location: Sussex, England (Wessex Formation)

Iguanodon bernissartensis
Polacanthus foxii
Baryonyx walkeri
Neovenator salerii
Eotyrannus lengi
Lepidotes sp.

*All photographs and film clips belong to their proper owners. My sole use of them is for educational purposes.

A video meant to test out the recently added capture feature in Jurassic World Evolution, as well as try to film something that shows dinosaurs just peacefully interacting with each other. I like to think of it as a callback to when I played Jurassic Park Operation Genesis back in the day and would just watch the dinosaurs live in harmony. Includes new intro for future videos (Dinosaurs Unleashed being excluded). Enjoy!


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