I wanted to highlight a few articles which raise concerns regarding the potential adverse health effects of 5G!

Let's bring the truth about vaccines out in to the open for everyone to make an informed decision!

Very important information regarding the status of vaccinations in certain parts of New York. Non-Compliance!

Another example of Joe Biden inappropriately touching women.

This video provides a look at both sides of the vaccination debate. I hope this encourages you to do your own research regarding vaccines!

A few examples of news stories generated by non-human intelligence.

Automated "journalist" are creating the news stories generated by AP.

We must improve upon our selves and our relationships by adhering to the natural law rights that are inherent to us!

I have compiled a collection of several of the most interesting statements from the World Government Summit 2019.

Let's take a look into this Green New Deal agenda.

There is proof that the FBI will kill and try to cover it up.

On duty police officers take substances and shoot at each other.

New York masks the murder of a baby as a woman's right

From the TSA to the airline members the system of operation employed by airports is failing!

Taking a look at the push for the flu vaccine! Just ask yourself if it makes sense?

Highlighting the irregularities of this alleged terror attack on DC.

Learn to discern the real from the fake!

The topic of discussion is should we be creating welfare or community.

Discussing the continued control over freedom of speech via the use of tech.

Incredible scenery captured at one of Colorado's highest summits known as Pike's Peak and the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in 2018!

In this episode the discussion focuses on why and how to become emotionally mature!

This videos discusses the solution-oriented approach to reduce the burden of challenges!

Learn how maintaining a positive mindset can aid in the healing and growth process!

In this episode of mindsets we shine light on the importance of responsibility and healing to overcome the victim mindset!

In this episode of Mindsets we endeavor into the mind of the abuser!


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