Brief overview of Ethereum from a smart-contract writer's point of view. This video is intended for a person that is not familiar with block-chains and smart contracts.

I have worked with Ethereum since it's proof-of-concept stages.

Ethereum huwhite-paper:
Solidity (programming language):

Just a short "for the record" video about not joining the liberalist movement.

A brief video about the comments JF made about slavery and suffering in his recent debate with Vegan Gains on the Andywarski show.

The video:

Description and analysis of the "numale" meme.

This is a new series of meme analysis. Le 56 face, or "amerimutt" is a trending meme that was designed to attack Americans for their country's ethnic diversity.

Some info about liberalists and why i support it.

Here I explain why I support the study on tech leading to lower IQ, and why it is not necessarily good or bad, but inevitable.

An article:

Some data used when debunking the idea that immigration is the largest contributing factor:

Some notes on the article on IULIA programming.

Medium article:

Solidity docs:

Quick update on the standard library.


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