0:00-1:42 Mommy! Can I Go To The NSDAP Birthday Party?
1:43-3:17 It isn’t Hitler’s Birthday, Retard.

Originally Released February 24, 2020

0:00-0:23 Fuck George Floyd
0:24-0:35 Fuck Breonna Taylor
0:36-0:49 Fuck Garrett Foster and His Paraplegic Nigger Girlfriend
0:50-1:00 Fuck You, I’m Racist
1:06-1:15 Niggers Suck (I’m still fucking racist)
1:16-1:20 George of The Jungle, Watch Out For That Knee!
1:21-1:31 Black “Lives” Don’t Matter

Released Through Siegeist Supremacy Productions (2020)

0:00-0:18 I
0:19-0:52 II
0:53-2:59 Iron Vigilante (Grinded Nig cover)
2:59-3:20 The Wignat Clack

0:00-1:23 Intro
1:23- 1:39 Anne Frank Autopsy
1:39-2:14 Parking Lot Nigger Stomp
2:14-4:07 Nigger Blood on the Knife (Grinded Nig Cover)
4:07- 7:42 It Could Happen to You (Aggravated Assault Cover)

0:00-0:49 Rape The Head of Muhammad
0:50-1:52 Spilling Semen in Aishas Corpse
1:53-3:02 Desecrate The Mosque
3:03-4:35 Anally Torturing Jews of Greed
4:36-6:00 Pure Aryan

0:00-1:46 Cut The Powerlines (In Minecraft)
1:47-3:19 Black Boots, Shaved Heads
3:20-6:00 Ethnocide
6:01-7:44 I Would Die For Bonbi
7:45-9:16 Decapitated Inferiors


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NS Hategrind from the Svalbard Territory.

Started in 2018, ETHNOCIDE is a Goregrind/Noise Metal, and self proclaimed Hategrind project hellbent on making the most offensive content imaginable.