Nate and Thomas (The Paranoid American) interview Art of Liberty Foundation founder Etienne de la Boetie2 on a variety of topics: What is being censored off the internet?, Controlled Opposition, Alex Jones, and the Clownification of Political Opposition, Do Actors get paid by how much they waste your time? The hidden curriculum of the "Government" school system, how the Trivium (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric) have been removed from the mandatory "government" schools, how Lincoln-Douglas type debate has been replaced by policy debate where the kids talk as fast as possible to waste their time, and more!

Complete list of topics with time-stamps and links:

Etienne de la Boetie2 shows how YouTube is censoring his, an undoubtedly
others, comments on the platform by going between two different YouTube
accounts where YouTube is showing that the comments have been posted on the
account doing the posting BUT are not visible to other accounts viewing the
content. Etienne exposes how inter-generational organized crime running the
"government", media and academia are censoring information widely to rob and
control populations using "government" in his book: "Government" - The Biggest
Scam in History... Exposed! at You can see Etienne's
interview on the Alfa Vedic podcast with Dr. Barre Lando and Mike Winner Here:
Self Determining ... You can see the links that YouTube was censoring here:
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Etienne de la Boetie2 joins The Other Side of the News to unravel the deceit and criminal actions behind the current bank collapses. We will zoom out for the larger perspective of how this is impacting our individual and global lives and explore what may be on the horizon to bring us into a New World.

Topics Include:

17:00 - The Scam of the Covid and 20 Million Dead from the “Vaccines”

Evidence of Claims:

Solving Covid - The Covid 19, Eugenics, and Vaccine/Drug Scam Timeline

The Covid 19 Suspects and Their Ties to Eugenics and Population Control/Reduction

41:05 - The Scam of Fractional Reserve Banking and How the Organized Crim Banks Create Money Out of Thin Air and Buy Up/Monopolize Everything

Evidence of Claims:

The Propaganda Matrix - Monopolization of the Media

1:06:32 - The Scam of the $US Dollar, the Petrodollar System,

1:16:40 - The difference between cyrpto currencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies

1:27:25 - The Death of the Fiat $US Dollar and what you can do about it.

Includes the scam of how the banks and governments manipulate Gold and Silver to strangle the “canary in the coalmine” of inflation.

1:55:53 - Solutions! What you can do to protect yourself,


Get the book: “Government” - The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!

The Other Side of the News.

Co-Hosts: Kynthea, Timothy Saunders, and Annetta Driskell.

Show Page:

Etienne & Art of Liberty Foundation Websites:
Co-Founder and Executive Director
of The Art of Liberty Foundation

The Art of Liberty Foundation Launches The Daily News on Substack

Etienne de la Boetie2, founder of the Art of Liberty Foundation breaks down how an inter-generational organized crime running the “government”, banks and media are pushing for eugenics and depopulation with Chris Mathieu of Forbidden Knowledge News. Part of that plan has included buying up and monopolizing food companies and consumer goods companies with unlimited money the banks are allowed to create out of thin air using a technique called fractional reserve banking. These monopoly food and consumer goods companies are debilitating the public by putting harmful chemicals into the food system. Some of these chemicals, especially the widely used herbicide Atrazine which has been proven to reduce the number of male frogs by 55% in areas where it has been sprayed. The chemical, through agricultural runoff, ends up in municipal water supplies where people end up drinking and bathing in it. Bisphenol A (BPA), used to make plastics, including materials that come into contact with food can mimic the female sex hormone, estrogen, and cause a lower sperm count in men among other harmful effects. The part on the trans agenda starts at 21:00


Biologist Dr. Tyrone Hayes in a series of experiments in 2002 revealed that the most common herbicide, Atrazine, “feminized” male frogs at concentrations below that allowed in drinking water in the United States.1 His 2010 scientific paper Atrazine Induces Complete Feminization and Chemical Castration in Male African Clawed Frogs (Xenopus Laevis found that “Atrazine-exposed males” were “chemically castrated,” meaning that they could not reproduce as biological males or had such other “gender abnormalities” as decreased testosterone levels, reduced sperm production, or suppressed mating behaviors. Ten percent of the population became “atrazine-induced females” that were “completely feminized” as adults: they reproduced as biological females, “mated with control males, and produced viable eggs”. 2

Hayes, Tyrone B., Atif Collins, Melissa Lee, Magdelena Mendoza, Nigel Noriega, A. Ali Stuart, and Aaron Vonk. 2002. “Hermaphroditic, Demasculinized Frogs after Exposure to the Herbicide Atrazine at Low Ecologically Relevant Doses.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 99 (8): 5476–80

Hayes, Tyrone B., Vicky Khoury, Anne Narayan, Mariam Nazir, Andrew Park, Travis Brown, Lillian Adame, et al. 2010. “Atrazine Induces Complete Feminization and Chemical Castration in Male African Clawed Frogs (Xenopus Laevis).” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107 (10): 4612.

Find Chris Mathieu and Forbidden Knowledge News at

Get a copy of Etienne's book: "Government" - The Biggest Scam in History... Exposed! at

Check out the evidence mentioned of eugenics in the Covid in the Substack article: The Covid 19, Eugenics, Vaccine/Drug Scam Timeline at

Etienne was a guest on Free State Live, the weekly show of the Free State
Project (FSP) where we discussed the Pre-State Project, the Art of Liberty
Foundation's plan to accelerate the liberty goals of the FSP by widely
exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of "government" with an uncensorable
drop of 100,000 copies of "Government" - The Biggest Scam in History...
Exposed!, Liberator flash drives, and a TBD documentary to 100,000 homes in 12
cities/towns in New Hampshire driving residents to town hall events where
explain what has been going on. GOAL: 100th Monkey effect in New Hampshire
resulting in secession or widespread civil disobedience that can't be ignored
by the rest of the country. $50M in "earned media" for a couple of million
dollars. Subscribe to Free State Live @FreeStateProjectNH Find out more about
the Free State Project Here: Find out
more about the Pre-State Project Here: Donate copies of
"Government" - The Biggest Scam in History... Exposed! and Liberator flash
drives to journalists, bloggers, FSP critics, legislators, libraries, and
police chiefs in New Hampshire here: managed by
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Art of Liberty Foundation founder Etienne de la Boetie2 joins the cast of the Black Pill Digest to discuss the behavioral psychology behind the tell-a-vision and media. Topics discussed include: Television flicker rate, Monkey Vision I.E. Human beings propensity to watch higher-status “monkeys”, a term that Etienne coined from Duke University’s research into what kinds of the content male monkey will “pay” to see by delaying gratification (Monkey Pornography & Pictures of Higher Status Monkeys), Constant motion, subliminal advertising, and others tricks used to focus the minds eye on a platform designed to waste your time and steal your attention.

Black Pill Digest Hosts Include:

Sean McCann – Host, Wake the Dead Podcast
James Cordiner – Host, A Hitchhikers Guide to the Truth

Guests Include:

Brett Carollo - Host, Psyop Cinema
Ivan Oyola - Host, Free Your Mind AZ

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YouTube wouldn't allow the host to upload this to YouTube so I decided to see
if I could get my version to upload. Boundless Authenticity Podcast with Jehan
authenticity/) Get the book at Support: Get our weekly summary of the news at Get our curated news feed of the best of the
alternative media at
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A video short from my interview with Yerasimos and Joel Rafidi from Here for
the Truth. See the entire interview:
Get the book: "Government" - The Biggest Scam in History... Exposed! @ Subscribe to Five Meme Friday @
Find all our Links @ Subscribe on Substack @
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Etienne de la Boetie breaks down how the organized crime CIA controls
perception widely by installing their "officers" into the media, political
offices, and as "fact-checkers" at Facebook while the FBI does the same thing
at Twitter. This was an interview with Joel Rafidi and Yerasimos. Find the
original episode at
Find out more about Joel and Yerasimos @
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A short video from an interview I did with Here for the Truth entitled: The
CIA & Control of Perception. Are you getting your news and politicians from
the CIA? Get the complete interview at:
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I recently joined Richard's podcast to discuss how the system enslaves us and
how to become free. Richard Harris is known for making individuals and
businesses perform at their best through his life coaching sessions. He's one
of the UKs leading life coaches, he likes to make videos on anything that
could help people grow across all domains of their life financial, social,
physiological, psychological, and spiritual. \----------- About Etienne de la
Boetie2 Etienne de la Boetie is the nom de plume of a voluntaryist author,
father, technology entrepreneur, cyclist, runner, hot yogi, multi-
disciplinarian truther, armchair economist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and
neo-abolitionist who is experimenting with large-scale cult-deprogramming. Mr.
Boetie distills 20+ years of research into short, easily-digestible treatises
on individual subjects and optimizes them for the 65% of society who are
visual learners. Boetie includes references and links to more comprehensive
research and the authentic voices of the developing alternative media. About
the Art of Liberty Foundation A start-up public policy organization:
Voluntaryist crime fighters exposing inter-generational organized crimes
control of the government, media and academia. The foundation is the
publisher of Government - The Biggest Scam in History Exposed! and Five
Meme Friday - a weekly e-mail or Telegram summary of the best alternative
media, censored truth videos, at least five hot, fresh, dank liberty memes
every week, and Government, Media, and Academia Exposed! - A Telegram
summary of the best mainstream and alternative news story proving our thesis
that inter-generational organized crime interests are hierarchically
controlling all three. Etienne's book, Government the Biggest Scam in
History: [](https://government- The Liberator 64gb apocalypse-resistant flash
drive is loaded with material to free the enslaved mind: <https://government-> To support me: Donate via Credit Card: Bitcoin Cash (BCH):
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In Questions for Corbett, James hands off a question from Tony in Sweden on
the best way to introduce voluntaryism to friends and family. Etienne e la
Boetie2, founder of the Art of Liberty Foundation, fields the question and
offers the brand new 5th edition of "Government" - The Biggest Scam in
History... Exposed! as a handbook for explaining the scam of "government" and
the good news alternative of voluntaryism. James also recommends Keith
Knight's the Voluntaryist Handbook and Larken and Amanda Rose's Candles in the
Dark. Etienne's segment starts at [19:20](
Fundamentals of Voluntaryism - Interview 1429 - James Corbett
and Liberty Weekly Recommend Books Authoritarian Sociopathy by Davi Barker The
Voluntaryist Handbook Organized by Keith Knight Introduction to The
Voluntaryist Handbook in Swedish Interview 1741 - Keith Knight Presents The
Voluntaryist Handbook The Politics of Obedience by Etienne de La Boetie
Interview 1563 - Keith Knight and James Corbett Dissect Voluntary Servitude
How to Present Info for Visual Learners - [#SolutionsWatch](None)
"Government"The Biggest Scam in History...EXPOSED! The Most Dangerous
Superstition by Larken Rose Attend Candles in the Dark Interview 1510 - Larken
and Amanda Rose Shine Candles In The Dark
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Here are the awards for the worst crisis actors at the Borderline Bar Shooting in Thousand Oaks California. This video is part of: The Liberator - Our uncensorable flash drive of evidence of "government", media and academia criminality.

A documentary from our Flashdrive and dropboxes of Liberty: The Liberator. Get all of our other evidence of "government" and media involvement in this hoax event for police state measures here: video was made by Plasmaburns and you can find his work here:

Etienne de la Boetie2, the author of "Government" - The Biggest Scam in History... Exposed! and founder of the Art of Liberty Foundation joins Buffalo and Leggs of the False Reality Check podcast to discuss the scam of "The Covid", what happened to the #THICKREDLINE Project, and how everything the "government" does (besides redistribution) would be done better, faster, cheaper by the free market, mutual aid societies, non-profits, and real charities. This was a really fun and interesting interview. I, Etienne, would like to apologies for falling police chiefs "little bitches" in the interview.. I am very frustrated that we haven't been able to find a single moral Sheriff or police chief willing to quit using violence on peaceful people for politicians. My frustration is no excuse for being ruse. My sincerest apologies. - Etienne

Check out the False Reality Check at

Get "Government" - The Biggest Scam in History... Exposed! at

Get all the links for the Art of Liberty Foundation at

I had a great conversation with Kynthea, Annetta, and Timothy from The Other Side of the News. We discussed the evidence that the Covid injections are bi0 w3ap0ns, what is going on with Twitter and Elon Musk, and the control-of-perception program being run on the population by the CIA and the monopoly media.
You can find out more about The Other Side of the News here:

You can get all of my links and the links for the Art of Liberty Foundation here:

Gun crazy New Hampshire has the lowest murder rate in the nation, despite lax gun laws. The lowest murder rate in the nation doesn't equate to lightly armed. It equates to massively armed. My favorite Free State Project gun club is called "Gun Church" (Cause it is on Sunday and for people who like to shoot religiously). Run by a former Green Beret with assistance from Ex-Navy SEALS, Rangers and other ex-military, the group teaches modern gun fighting techniques for community protection. It is getting to the point when the shave-headed cult members of "government" come out to try to enforce on their neighbors they are going to find themselves outnumbered and out-gunned!

Here is some info on NH having the lowest murder rate in the country:

Here is some info on invitation-only gun church:

Here is some info on the founder of Gun Church's other endeavor: Making investment-grade silver bullion fun for kids (and adults):
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The Art of Liberty Foundation is launching an IndieGoGo to crowdfund the 5th edition of "Government" - The Biggest Scam in History... Exposed! The new edition will feature the scam of the Covid, the DARPA front companies algorithmically censoring information, and more!

We are launching the campaign with conscious reggae artists: Prezence and they are releasing a new single called: Scam! that was inspired by the Art of Liberty Foundation's work.

You can see the video for Scam at

You can pre-order a copy of the 5th edition at
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The Delphi Technique is an unethically manipulative technique used to steer public opinion about a particular issue to arrive at a predetermined outcome while making everyone feel like their voices are being heard. Here is an example where outside money brought paid facilitators to a public meeting who then used aspects of Delphi to limit who could speak to the group, shut down dissident speakers with time blocks, moved the group into multiple "breakout sessions" so that dissidents couldn't speak to the entire group, and then shut down the dissident voices by muting them on Zoom and kicking them out of the "public meeting" altogether. Stay tuned.

Information on the Delphi Technique
The Delphi Technique was developed in the 1950s by the RAND Corporation for the U.S. Department of Defense. It was originally intended as a psychological weapon for use during the cold war. However, the technique is effective in manipulating any meeting toward a predetermined end. The steps of the technique include:
1. The facilitator (the change agent) must be someone with whom most of the audience can identify.
2. The facilitator initially identifies potential opponents and frames them as foolish, aggressive, etc., thus warming the rest of the audience to the facilitator.
3. The audience is broken into six or eight discussion groups, with topics chosen by the facilitator. Typically, members are asked to write down concerns and turn them in to the facilitator.
4. The facilitator selects only concerns from the compilation that are consistent with the desired outcome. These concerns are then addressed in the final discussion, which ultimately supports the desired results.
5. The participants and the community at large are told that the conclusions reached at the meeting were the result of open public participation.

Additional resources;

Delphi in action in NH

The Delphi Method - Techniques and Applications - Linstone and Turoff
*Matts note This has since been removed from the Informatics Department website at the New Jersey Institute of Technology but can be found on the internet archive for now at:

BK Eakman - How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics: The Techniques of Unethical Consensus-Building Unmasked
Search for Eakman

Delphi is used in school board meetings, in trainings, at neighborhood association meetings, and other places where the organizers want to give the appearance that they have listened to community opinion and incorporated it into their plan.
Rosa Koire, Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21

The key thing to know about this is that of course you have no input. Only comments and observations that support the pre-approved plan will be supported. All others will be written on a big pad of paper and discarded later. The illusion of public buy-in is all that is needed. The organizers can later point to the fact that they held a public meeting, a certain number of residents attended, public comment was taken, and the community approved the plan. The facilitator is often a private consultant who has been professionally trained in running and managing a meeting. This consultant has been hired by your city to fulfill the requirement that the project has been seen and supported by its citizens---its YOUR plan.
Rosa Koire, Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21

Exposing the Delphi Technique in Public Meetings

We wrote a book "Government" - The Biggest Scam in History... Exposed! revealing how inter-generational organized crime runs the "Government" and the media. One of our book distributors recommended sponsoring the Propaganda Report on Patreon and we would get two "Shout Outs". We liked it so much we created this video from it and want to nominate it for BEST Patreon "Shout Out" ever and wanted to try and measure the results.

If you agree then please use the coupon code: Monica10 to get 10% off the book and/or Liberator Flash Drive at our website here:

To check out the interview with James Corbett of the Corbett Report on the book that started the whole thing then please visit:

I recently participated in a debate on vaccination with Casey Rochefort on the Kitchen Sink Microscopy. Casey Rochefort published a rebuttal to the debate which was filled with inaccuracies and false attributions. This is my rebuttal to his rebuttal for the record. Here are some of the links that I provided supporting the facts I presented in the original debate:

Evidence that vaccinated populations have higher rates of neurological issues than unvaccinated populations. Four Examples Populations:

1. 2007 Generation Rescue Survey of 9000 comparing Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

2. No Autism in Amish

3. German Study - Vaccinated have 2-5X more disease & disorders then unvaccinated

4. Homefirst Medical - 30,000+ large family practice in Chicago with no autism / minimum ashma

Evidence that the 14 Studies that pro-vaccination advocates refer to are weak, poorly designed, or have conflicts of interest

Evidence that the CDC has been hiding evidence of vaccine damage from independent researchers including researchers with a Congressional mandate by limiting access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) .

Part1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3-

Part 4 -

Part 5 -

Evidence that the CDC Knew in 2000 that mercury in the form of the preservative thimerosal was causing neurological issues in children and discussed it at their Simpsonwood retreat:

Evidence that Vaccines have been contaminated with Cancer viruses.

Evidence that some vaccines have been purposely laced with sterilant chemicals in a clandestine program for population control.

Evidence that a Major Vaccine Company (Baxter) has been Caught distributing what could be a weaponized version of Avian flu mixed with seasonal flus in an apparent effort to profit off a pandemic:

Best Documentary on the harmful effects of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines:

The Greater Good

Best Documentary on mercury in Vaccines including that Mercury-free vaccines can have up to .03mgs of mercury and still qualify.

In my speech @ Anarchadelphia 2019 I told the story of "The Biggest Secret of the Secret Service - They Know Gov't is Organized Crime" (Video of speech: During the speech I announced Citizen's Arrest 2020, an effort designed to bring the evidence of "government" illegitimacy and criminality to the Secret Service, US Park Police, and DC Metro Police to support them in effecting a "Citizen's Arrest" on the 7th anniversary of the Million Vet March on the Memorials: October 13th 2020. I kicked off the effort on the 6th anniversary of the march by stopping by the White House and talking with 30+ members of the uniformed Secret Service. I explained the basics of the artificially indoctrinated religion of Statism, organized crime's propaganda "matrix" and control-of-perception program, and distributed my business card with the website: where they can download 16GB of evidence including my book: Understanding Our Slavery-How Organized Crime Runs the "Government" and Media with Easy Solutions for Real Freedom for free. I got a good vibe from over 70% of them. I am unfortunately sold out of both books and Liberator flash drives currently so I could only give out business cards. Some takeaways: 1. It is really easy to talk to them. I was able to have conversations with 30+ in less than 2 hours.. Evidently I hit "shift change" at 1:00 so two laps around the White House put me into contact with a different set of officers on each lap.

2. I got the impression from many that they knew what I was saying was true. I know the Secret Service has to discuss among themselves the aspects where the Secret Service "leadership" has been involved in covering up crimes at the White House from the cover up of Vince Foster's murder and removal of documents from his office to the Secret Service stand down during the JFK assassination to their knowledge of the Franklin Coverup where underage male prostitutes where given access to the White House after hours.
3. Anyone can participate - If you work in DC or are just visiting DC, swing by the White House and ask them yourselves: Would you take action to help end this organized crime system if we were to present to you hard evidence of "government" illegitimacy/criminality AND backed you up with combat veterans and a significant number of people?
4. I believe we are ultimately going to have to have a crowd-sourced "reward fund" to help the Secret Service, Park Police and DC Metro police transition to different employment since exposing the illegitimacy of "government" and arresting the organized crime system would put them out-of-a-job.

Evidence of Secret Service's Leadership's Criminality
Vince Foster Murder

JFK - Secret Service Stand Down

9-11 False Flag
The Secret Service - The Dog that Didn't Bark

Child Prostitution Ring at the White House

Jeff Gannon - Apparent Male Prostitute given Press Credentials


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