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2018 ET Whisperer Asheville 3 Day Workshop
Tapping Into Taboo: Integrating Light and Shadow - November 2nd, 3rd, & 4th
Join The ET Whisperer Rob Gauthier, and The Arcturian Starseed Kalina Angell for an intensive Fall season 3-day workshop in Asheville, NC at 42 Tunnel Road, Holiday Inn as we explore the most taboo subjects and how to integrate our light and shadow selves into a being of wholeness on our ascenional journeys.

Channeled messages from Ancient Pleiadian/Denebian Aridif, Archangel Metatron, Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Human TReb-Bor-yit-NE and more by Rob Gauthier on these topics and your personal questions. Interactive channeled workshop teachings from various sources by Kalina Angell on the topics of taboo and integration of light and shadow. 2pm - 11pm each day/night. Only 25 seats available. $397 early-bird price includes all 3 days. *Does not include food or lodging. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Note from Rob and Kalina:

We are going to have our annual Asheville workshop this year on Friday - Sunday Nov 2nd through 4th. Each day will be 8 or more hours of learning, fellowship, channeling, and a lifetime of wonderful experiences! The past groups from our previous three workshops gave us feedback saying it changed their lives and they all gained a new family meeting everyone they met at our workshops. This year we will be discussing topics often seen as taboo and which challenge our beliefs as we ascend into our newly 5d realities. We'll be discussing and channeling the integrations of light and shadow within ourselves. As we know, we live in a dualistic Universe, but seldom do we humans dive into the deeper realms of what that means on our life journeys.

Rob will be channeling Metatron, Aridif, TReb & The Nihal Collective coming in, along with any other entity who comes in for a special message. Everyone will be a..

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Tuning IN - Angel & Aliens -
In this time of great change on the planet, many voices are coming through
to help us navigate the turbulent waters. Much valuable and inspiring information
arrives through channeling, an ancient practice in which a human goes into a
trance-like state and allows another entity to speak.
Seven world-renowned channelers have gathered in this extraordinary
documentary to weigh in on subjects like the true meaning of Donald Trump's
presidency, how to create your own reality, heaven and hell, angels, aliens, and
many other subjects.
This film will deepen your own spiritual journey, answer long-held
questions, empower you... possibly change your very life.
It features Lee Carroll (Kryon), Geoffrey Hoppe (Adamus), Darryl Anka
(Bashar), Tina Louise Spaulding (Jesus), Christina Hill (Athella), Catherine Weser
(One Life), and Rob Gauthier (Aridif).
The film will be available Friday, Sept. 14 exclusively at

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For in depth interview with Rob about his whole story on how he came to channel and his connection to TReb, Aridif, Metatron, The Nihal and more, watch this episode of Interview with E.D. (Extra Dimensionals) here ~

New to E.T. Whisperer ?TReb Channeling ? Look here.

Video edited, produced, and filmed by Kalina Angell and or Rob Gauthier
Graphics by Kalina Angell using art by Vashta Narada Galactic Art & Eduardo Khen , photo of Rob Gaut..

Rob Gauthier, the ET Whisperer, is channeling Aridif, the Ancient Pleaidian/ Denebian about grounding and removing trauma.
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This is the Official ET Whisperer BitChute account. Rob Gauthier - (Channeler/Owner/Founder/Radio Host/Teacher)
I was born in 1980. In 2007 I went to a spiritualism church. I went there because I decided to get my life back on track. I was looking into the dark for too long. Now I went there because this was the only place in the area that I could express my beliefs openly and meditate and be taught by many great psychics. As a child I was blessed with psychic abilities but as I digressed so did they. As I started learning from the great psychics in my area I learned many things. Including many experiences that I had as a child which were not figments of "just my imagination". And when I had thought I met my grandmother for the first time when I was nine, after she had been dead for over twenty years, I was right. This all started making sense to me. Something made me continue. So I continued to learn more meditations (Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience) and after a couple years of working with my abilities every day, and really being dedicated about them, I met Treb Bor yit-NE.

I remember the first night I met him. I met him one night as I had a very usual night of feeling so disconnected from everything. I had been working on myself so hard and I looked at the night sky and knew that there is so much out there. I felt like I was in a prison (a great and beautiful one) on Earth. I just felt so much more should be felt. So I went into a deep meditation. That night I went further into my consciousness than I have ever gone before. I knew I had gone beyond the level of just going out of the body.

I met him! And as he stood before me, the empty feeling I had before meditating, and the otherwise worried feeling I should had while seeing this huge odd looking alien, vanished. All I felt was love and happiness. I asked him who he was and he stared, talking to me. He explained that reality wasn't how I saw it and that there is so much more to the universe.

He also told me that I can take my newly found meditation ability and use it to permanently remove that loneliness. I did feel so alone. He also told me there was so much more evolution in not just the physical ideas, meaning that of the soul. I asked him about many things like the after life and his people. After he answered me, and we met for the third time, I asked him, "what can I do to know if you are real, or a part of my mind?", he replied, "talk to this individual (a friend of mine)." I didn't know why. My friend had no knowledge of anything, I mean I know if he did, I would have heard. So I did, and he led me to a video, that led me to a book called "Seth Speaks, the Eternal Validity of the Soul" by Jane Roberts. I cried that day. The reason? ...even though it's greatly seen as very different views, all the information was so much alike; they were similar in very many ways.

And then I figured I had my answer (also through many other synchronicities I would need a book to write them all). Since then, I have built a relationship of trust and respect with this brother of space. Now I feel it is my duty to share the information TReb, Aridif and all other entities I channel are willing to impart to our humanity. Information that saved me, sparing a lot of unnecessary psychological and physical suffering and delusions which I would definitely have gone through otherwise. I wish you all the same, a life fully lived with love and light (as TReb says), and that is how I wish to serve in my humble way too as I allow myself to be the host, the intermediary between him and us. Through our journey I have been privy to new communications between new entities such as Aridif, and Ancient Pleiadian, Metatron, and many many more (such as in the book "Galactic Humans", a book about 12 races of humaniods in the galaxy) This newly found connection has brought so many more perceptions into the realm of my awareness. I now have changed the concept of TRebChaanneling to the E.T. Whisperer because it is more fitting than only focusing on one being.

I am also own a radio station called The Enlightenment Evolution Network. This was an extension of mine and dear friend George Spirakis's show called The Rob & George Enlightenment Evolution Hour. Once George left to follow his excitements elsewhere, I changed the name to what it is today, The enlightenment Evolution Hour. Now we have many shows throughout the entire network and you can find this on "the EEN Tab" Of This website as well as following the website here. This show is my own guidance in co creating with all callers and listeners. We also invite TReb and Aridif in on the first Wednesday of each month and whenever else we want to connect.