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Hello everyone, this video is a list of 10 common edible fungi (mushrooms) that I highly suggest you learn to identify, and hunt for! I hope you enjoy!

Music: 'Canon and Gigue in D Major' and '24 Etudes for Flute, Op. 15 - III. Allegro con brio in G Major'

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Hello everyone, this video will explain why I think modern medicine is a bad thing, and why I think we should stop using it, so we can maintain our strength and not become weak. I think we may even risk mass-death or extinction if we carry on using these unsustainable technologies, and we are suddenly cut off from them. Enjoy, and please discuss with me in the comments!

Music: 'Waltz to a Wood Thrush', by Kathleen Martin

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Hello everyone! This video lists 6 reasons why I think porn is bad, and my reasons. Please stop watching porn, I know it may be hard, but stick to it!

Music: 'Yggdrasill', by Duivelspack

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Hi everyone, this video is about mental health and why I think modern civilisation is detrimental for it. I hope you enjoy the video, see you soon!

Music: 'Herr Mannelig', by Garmarna

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Hey everyone, I am really glad my videos are getting seen! This one is about how to live freely with little money, much the way Varg Vikernes (ThuleanPerspective) does. Varg is a huge inspiration to me, so if you haven't already, go and subscribe to him. Anyway, enjoy the video!

Music: 'Down By Babylon' by Chrysta Bell and David Lynch (sorry for the abrahamic title, good song though!)

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Hello my fellow Europeans, this is a fine documentary about how Sweden is dying under its multicultural society. I do not own the documentary, but it is licensed under creative commons, meaning that people can re-upload and edit it if they like. I thank everyone who made the documentary dearly, for all of the time they put into it, and for letting it be shared so that truth can be spread.

Enjoy the film, and please share this documentary if you wish to enlighten our race about our genocide! Please comment and subscribe too! :)

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This video explains some of the evil shit in the world, one of the things being SVT, a Swedish broadcasting company, and this video! This video was in fact intended for YouTube, but I was not allowed to post it, but now we have Bitchute, so voila!

The song in this is 'Jewel Of Dew' by Ariel Pink, and from the 'Light Dead Sea' compilation.

Hey! This video explains some differences between Europeans and Africans, and talks about fat and muscle. Again, more can be said on this topic, so more videos will come out in the future building on these ideas.

Music: 'Pre-dawn' from the compilation 'Light Dead Sea'.

Please feel free to converse nicely in the comments, see you soon! :)

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Hey there! This video is about transgenderism, its community and the traditional opposite. This video contains mine, and many other's opinions and our reasoning for it.

I have a lot more to say on this topic, for future videos, so stay tuned!

The song in this is 'Disorder', by Joy Division

Discussion on the topic is welcomed in the comments :)

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Hey! This video explains what Paganism is and explains why we Europeans should return to practising it, although we already are in some ways, without knowing.

The music in this is by Sigur Rós.

Please feel free to chat nicely in the comments, a new video will be out soon!

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If you haven't noticed already, Europe is in big trouble right now. One bad thing that is happening is that huge waves of immigrants are being let in and most of us think that they will benefit us, but that is false.

This YouTube channel is a safe place for my fellow Europeans to SHARE IDEAS, help UN-FOG OUR VISION, and REMEMBER OUR FORGOTTEN CULTURE AND RELIGION.

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