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Hello and welcome to another video! It's been a while because of college things. Anyways, I made another video on this due to the "popularity" of this extension. It's been on the rounds for a while so I decided to take a look at this again.


Hello and welcome to another channel update!

Minecraft Let's Play Skyblock 1:

Minecraft Let's Play Skyblock 2:

Hello and welcome to my Best of video!! Like the name suggests, this video will have the best moments from videos 1-9.

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Super Mario 64 OST - Bomb-omb Battlefield

Hello and welcome to my channel update. In this update, I'll talk about my video upload schedule and other social media's to keep in contact with me.




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Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire OST - Route 104 Theme


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Welcome to my channel! This channel will be focusing mainly on malware related topics. I'll also be throwing in some funny(not really) gaming content and other content in general.

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