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Losing your husband was hard enough, STOP living in the past and replaying your trauma over and over again.

Reprogram your subconscious mind so you can move on without the guilt and shame you have been holding onto.

This technique will work in every area of your life.

This is something you can teach to your friends and family as well. also, try this every night before you go to sleep! That's when it will be most powerful.

This is a very simple mind programming technique to make your subconscious mind believe you have already got your manifestations.

This guide will get you on your way to taking the right action NOW!


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This channel is for WIDOWS to help you navigate life alone. Don't get hung up on the word alone, I don't mean you need to stay single or not have friends. Alone simply means you have to learn how to get through life and start over without the husband you lost.

This channel is going to help you with your mindset, emotional trauma, diet, organization, parenting AND SO MUCH MORE!

I am a Life Coach. I specialize in Law of Attraction and Spirituality. I have helped widows all over the world break through their limitations and false belief systems. The journey you are on now is a journey unique to you.

I am just here to help you laugh more and cry less.

Here at Everything Widows, we don't just use tools and strategies to "fix" you. You are not broken. We are here to inspire you and encourage you to live the life you have been dreaming about. Let's work together and make your dreams a reality.

So, if you’re here to learn how to change your life in a positive way. You have come to the right place.

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