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this is not about race you thick tosser. its about the message "Accuse others of what you are Guitly of shits-stain"


and Hello Mr Hudson and Mr wells. got some pretty good shit on you too! posted any hate speech on twitter directed at an author in birmingham lately? I had no idea truck drivers from sheffield were so highly qualified in psychology.

Mr Jack employs his far right wing chums oh dear me. things must be bad .

speechless comes to mind !!!! but he Loves me !!!

it would seem that Mr Jack finds his own creations harmful and embarrassing to him? this begs the question why make them to start with?
what an odd fellow he is. objects to the harmful video's he's made against people he dislikes and indeed posted in public to slander people yet regards it as slander !!!

Best pal of Andy Jack & Bill Cuthbert gets totally Busted for owning countless porn sites one of which target minors with anime porn on a website pokemon.net who so i gather is now facing legal action from nintendo.com for using the brand name pokemon for pornography aimed at minors. This is not looking good at all.

oh man this blokes off his nut BIG TIME. he was acquitted!!!! yet placed under a court order for 8 months how the hell does that work ? wait till you see his videos where he states he has no mates and LOVES ME !!!! Mr Jack I AM NOT GAY and if in some alternate universe I was "YOU" certainly wouldn't be my type Lol OMG! This kind of insane you coulddn't make up could you ? please see the other videos on this channel to try if you can to make sense of this never ending madness of this " Cult "


Deliberatly inviting trouble to someones funeral *Unforgivable* this wanker actually deluded himself into thinking i would sink as low as to invade a funeral ! that is as Unprofessional as it can get. truly despicable!
what is wrong with this nutter ? he emailed us on the 2nd october despite being taken to court and in april this year being warned not to try to contact us in any way. yet he persists .. this bloke wouldn't last 10 seconds if he squard up to me and he knows it.
i mean fuck me! the bloke almost soiled himself when my wife tore him a new arsehole in a court waiting room.
this bloke is something else. the first two clips are from 2016. the final clips are from 24th October 2018 i have made a fresh complaint to his Licencing Authority. the man is a menace. in the full video he gave the location Barham even the pub that the wake was being held. ps i know the landlord of that pub and will be sending a copy of these video's to the Customer.

and we care nothing for "you" or your "mother" "sons" " wife" or anyone else connected to you. YOU put the lives of my wife and son in mortal Danger with your twisted sick games .

the bullshit just gets deeper. I'm Not saying it was him But * it was Him * isn't that bearing false witness ? do as say not as i do?

i love this shit. im still laughing my dick off over it now. everything they say and do Just shows the world what they truly are. this one video is going to take me a while to demolish. one Big Fat Lie at a time. i will do this over time, unlike them i have others things to do with my time. such as write two books !! cant wait to get to the part about a mate of cuthbert and Bright who was * A Little Bit Naughty * the emails are from my own personal email account and over two months of impersonation account after impersonation account showed up and all of which i too have video captured downloaded the content of ( Including all those taking part in that two months slander fest. i was in close contact with not only Google but also the uk police Crime investigation unit throughout this . poor old sam kim ( Bills Mate) lost all of his accounts due to severe violations of TOS as these freaks all know only too well. lol

reposted we have six video platforms and all need a certain type of video format
anyway as i said before this is all their own work . i am just making a Critique to show how full of shit these Bonkers Crazy people are. personally i don't bother to make my own video's these days whats the point i gave up on that years ago. you can't reason with the insane. and yes a screwed up on the captions.....i am multi tasking here in between writing chapters n shit.

Is this "Satire " or "Serious " you decide i know what this nutter is capable of. and yes a screwed up on the captions AGAIN!

a man who's in a Battle against the powers of Darkness . meaning anyone who thinks he's a lunaticTroll. look out google earth i feel another Privacy Violation coming on at any moment. better warn the wife to mind her washing line.

Mr Jack does not respect the wishes of anyone why should this come as any suprise he constanlty humiliates not only himself but also his own flesh and blood. which is fine if they are willing but he has zero rights to invade the private lives of others. he thinks nothing of filming familes in shopping centres children with mothers in parks playing fields he is oblivious to the complaints of those who make it very clear they do not wish to be filmed or talked about on his bizarre you tube channels. we have hundreds of video in which almost all of them he makes some kind of reference to me or my book. the man is imoral . just because something may be within the boundries of the law does not make it right to do so. he disrespected this woman whom he knows nothing about or her problems in her life he just dismisses her as a "drunk " but this is not the first time he has exploited the vulnerable for his own sick youtube viewers. he's done it a lot. filming himself giving a few pence or a burger to a homeless person simply to paint himself as a kind careing person. its all a show. the man should be ashamed of himself . but he has no understanding of the word Shame. i really didn't want to show this clip but it is a necessary evil to show what this vile litttle man is all about. humiliation of others then playing the victim card when he is called out . the Modus Operandi of all that are associated with him .....but a word of Warning one of these days he will stick his camera in the wrong place and the next video he might end up showing is of his own gastrointestinal tract when he films the wrong person and he gets that go pro rammed down his throat.

is it any wonder people on youtube just laugh at these people ? and they dare to call others Crazy ?
and by the way they can make as many video's cups or spoof websites as they wish. all it will do is show them all for what they truly are . nasty childish twisted mentally unwell human beings.

BLAH BLAH BLAH ! Yeah Yeah Yeah.

what can be done with such a bitter twisted human being ? hell bent on scape goating others for his own evil deeds

he did this to me . he emailed me the home address of his best pal Bill Cuthbert now why the hell would he do such a thing ? its simple to stir up contention! to feed his obsession with drama . i have a one or two more video's of this series to post one called David Icke Money for Nothing £309 that will be all for now. he's talking total bollocks by the way about the ISPs they will only trace back to ther server or intenret provider. only they can back track to the user's home address .

so it would seem this Troll has his mind firmly fixed in his endless self created None stop Drama's the bizarre Irony of all this is from january 2018 he falls into his own and excuse the pun Von-Trap when he makes a whole series of video's publicly humiliating his own wife sons and even exploits his own grandchildren that ends in some kind of custody war over his own grandchildren which he also posts in full public view for the whole world to witness. what can i say ? words escape me. other than what is to be gained by all this ? what reward is to won ?


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