Weekend or not. Your choice. This can be done any day/night you feel you need a break. Don't let the name of the day stop you. Works every time.

Couple shots with my Carbon Express Pile Driver crossbow.

Showing the Fresnel lens and wick again. Starting fires for the challenge.

Couple friends and I took a ride along the Mississippi River Road.

Sharpening the spine of a Mora Companion HD so it will strike sparks from a fero rod.

Some video of the Mississippi River bluffs, and the caves dug and blasted by the quarry near my home. No sound, no music, just video.

A look at a couple different types of stone that will make a steal striker throw sparks. Also with a fero rod.

Town in the mountains of Arkansas. Made some new friends. Rode some back roads through the hills. Good times.
Music by The Arkansas Bro's and The Cabbageheads.

BBB. Bikes blues and BBQ. Fayetteville Ar. Sep, 20 -23 2017. No sound for first 2 1/2 min's and again around the middle. I tried, I really tried to find some music to put in, but if i have to listen to any more elevator music, I might go mid-Evil on somethin.

A view of the lake from the dam.

Saw a couple young bucks playin, so I stuck a camera out a living room window and shot this short video clip. They're about 80 yards away, according to the range finder.

Just a look around the lake. Music is by DR. Hook. song is "Last Morning" The song has nothing to do with the video, I just like the song.

It was a good day to ride, so I did.


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