Ewan Jones interviews world renowned anti-feminist speaker Karen Straughan at the International Conference on Men's Issues 2018.

Ewan Jones interviews Elizabeth Hobson, Director of Communications for J4MB (Justice for Men and Boys). Our discussion took place at the International Conference on Men's Issues 2018.

Ewan Jones interviews Darren Deojee at the International Conference on Men's Issues 2018. Darren teaches from the Toltec heritage of gender tradition. He works with groups, individuals, and couples on matters of gender and communication.

Ewan Jones gives a talk at Speakers' Corner about how the globalist left-wing mainstream media like to label those who don't support their policies as far right, alt-right, racists and Nazis. The globalist media also continually assert the Nazis were an extreme right-wing organisation. Ewan Jones demonstrates that the Nazis were in fact socialists. They called themselves the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Hitler referred to the party as being a socialist party. In addition, the policies the Nazis enforced were socialist policies. So why are the Left unwilling to admit that the Nazis were just like them?

Ewan Jones interviews Cassie Jaye, director and star of the documentary film 'The Red Pill', at the International Conference on Men's Issues 2018.

Ewan Jones film of the International Men's Day march which took place on 18th November 2018, London. Elizabeth Hobson (Justice for Men and Boys) delivers a speech outside the Royal Courts of Justice. The marchers then head to Parliament Square.

Ewan Jones argues it is essential for any culture that wants to survive to embrace traditionalism. He asserts this ideology is the keystone of every human civilisation. If a society has traditional gender values, and strong cultural traditions, it will have the capability to develop, expand and to survive for many thousands of years. However, if a society spurns traditionalism it will quickly collapse and die.

Filmed at Speakers Corner (London) on 25th November 2018.

Ewan Jones and Natty Raymond discuss the topic of Incels. We talk about the infamous Incel killer Elliot Rodger, and also about the issue more generally.

On 9th December 2018, tens of thousands of Brexiters took to the streets of London to demand the UK government enforce the will of the 17.4 million British people who voted to leave the EU. This is my video of the Brexit Betrayal march from Park Lane to Parliament Square where a rally was held.

I discuss the importance of the ideology of traditionalism in allowing a civilisation to survive and prosper. Western civilisation has fallen apart because it has abandoned Christian traditionalism, and embraced a new liberal value system that is quickly bringing about the extinction of the culture.

My debate with Sargon of Akkad in Gloucester, where I discuss with him the benefits of a subscription based libertarian model of government.

I discuss general problem with the lobbying sector before focusing on the corruption that has mired the Mental Health Industry ever since the 1800s.

Audio only. Filmed at Speakers Corner (London) on the 19th May 2019.

I talk to Mike Buchanan and Elizabeth Hobson from Justice for Men and Boys about their talk at Cambridge University. We go onto discuss the feminisation of the workplace, that has occurred as a result of radical feminist influence, and how this has been a complete disaster.

Filmed on 6th May 2019 in London, UK.

My video of the events surrounding the talk given by Justice for Men and Boys at the University of Cambridge on 24th May 2019. A group of radical feminist students at the University tried to get this talk shut down. Fortunately they failed.

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I give a talk at Speakers' Corner about why traditional gender roles are vital in ensuring there are good relations between men and women, and that there is balance in society. In our current feminist society, men are emasculated, and the worse female behaviours are excused and even promoted.

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I give a talk at Speakers Corner about the importance of the subject of sociology, how a libertarian subscription system would work, and why it's vital we privatise the NHS.

Filmed at Speakers' Corner on 19th May 2019.

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I talk to Lynton at Speakers' Corner about the castastrophic problems caused by the feminisation of Western Society. We go onto discuss why it's essential that masculinity reasserts itself in the West.

Filmed at Speakers' Corner on 5th May 2019.

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I give a talk at Oxford Town Hall about the myth of King Arthur. This tale is the primordial story of Great Britain. I delve into the history of Great Britain, the first tales that feature King Arthur, the development of this myth over hundreds of years, and the brilliant cinematic version of this story, Excalibur (1981), directed by John Boorman. I reveal a little of the astonishing depth that exists in this myth.

Filmed at Oxford Town Hall on 2nd May 2019.

I talk to Rod (a regular at Speakers' Corner) about the feminisation of the work place, here in the UK and across the first world. I assert that as a result of feminist policies, more and more industries are becoming dominated by women. The old male skills that were once considered effective in these trades are now demonised. And in their place new female skills such as empathy and diplomacy are regarded as the gold standard. This is all leading to massive failure in each of these industries, in terms of productivity, staff morale and staff retention.

Filmed at Speakers' Corner (London) on 7th April 2019.

Revised version - I've started using a new film editing software, I'm getting to grips with it. The last copy of this film had a few audio problems. This version doesn't.

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I discuss how the movement of post modernism is promoting failure in every field of human endeavour, right across Western civilisation. I then discuss the Me Too movement, how it ensuring the dominion of radical feminism in the workplace, and the effects this is having on Western society.

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I discuss how traditionalism is the bedrock of any society, and that the system of Christian traditionalism kept Western culture alive for thousands of years. Now that this system has fallen apart, the whole of Western civilisation is crumbling. The conversation then turns to a general discussion about the failure of our current political system.

Filmed at Speakers' Corner (London) on 24th March 2019.

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I argue that across the Western world in the fields of politics and sociology, the situation is bad. In the university system, the subject of sociology is dominated by the radical left-wing. The mainstream media is also over shadowed by this school of thought. And in the arena of politics, in many western countries, we have a system of left and right-wing, two party tribalism.

I argue that both the subject of sociology and the field of politics have fallen apart, because in these realms, the quest to find the truth has been abandoned. If we are to save sociology and politics we must rekindle a belief in the enlightenment, in both these fields. Once this happens Western society will be able to save itself and build a better future.

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Political Tribalism

My critique of an argument Jordan Peterson makes for individualism. I assert that people don't prosper in a system that promotes complete individualism. Nor do they prosper in a system that promotes mass collectivism. Instead, I believe humans have always flourished when they are part of a small collective.

Former US General Smedley Butler released his acclaimed short book 'War is a Racket' in 1935. It's a classic text that exposes the level of corruption in the military industrial complex, in nations right across the globe. However, he makes the mistake of blaming capitalist interests for this corruption. He fails to comprehend that government is the institution that builds armies, that engages in war against other nations, that conscripts people into it's service, and that supervises over the lobbying system and the war profiteering system. The only ideology that can challenge the military industrial complex is libertarianism. If people take back control over their governments and their armed forces they can stop imperialism and war profiteering.

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Ewan Jones and Belinda Brown discuss traditional values. How these values have been lost in western society. How feminism has successfully destroyed traditional values and the family itself. And how traditional values are vital for ensuring a society is able to survive and to flourish.

Belinda Brown writes for the blogsite 'The Conservative Woman' -


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Hello, my name is Ewan Jones, welcome to my BitChute channel. I'm a sociologist and I like to make videos about this subject. In my work I take a top down view of society. I then consider the laws, structures and ideas that will help a society survive and prosper. I also consider the laws, structures and ideas that don't work and result in a society falling into chaos.

I believe government is the most despicable and powerful corporation that has ever existed. I'm against the ideologies that help increase the size and power of government. The major political philosophies that are used towards this purpose are - socialism, communism, imperialism, post-modernism and globalism. I endeavour to point out the hypocrisy and lies at the heart of each of these movements.

I also advocate for the ideologies that empower the people. The three ideologies that best serve this purpose are traditionalism, nationalism and libertarianism. I believe the correct utilisation of these three ideologies provides the optimum conditions for the creation of a society that can survive and prosper.

In my videos, I will cover the populist revolution as it unfolds here in the UK. I will also discuss my sociological approach with other free thinkers.

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Ewan Jones.