When below—
Names lost to time
From apocryphal beginning
To omnifarious end
Betwixt a shrinking, starless horizon
Distant shapes of eons collide
Obscured by sallow Lethean mists
Indistinguishable. Incomprehensible
At the convergence of the River and the Sea
Beyond the borders of accumulated knowledge
The hollow vessel of totality adrift
Ensnared in roaring currents of fate
Engulfed by the Maelstrom of Tiamat
Churning tempest of foul entropic effusions
Ever flowing from the putrescent, black womb
The static, formless source of being’s requiem
Structural collapse
Sequential seizure
Systemic breech
Elemental exchange

Instrumental version of a forthcoming KΩZMIKLAZT demo track.

Unfortunately, BitChute does not support video uploads with 24-bit audio. Consequently, the only way to listen to the full, complete, 24-bit version of this demo track - with lyrics - is on YouTube and SoundCloud. URLs can be found below:



Titan of death, architect of ruin
From the Ayinic portal invoked
To vanquish the feeble planes of Assiyah
Permeating through interstellar voids
Antecedent of cosmicidal holocaust
Vanguard of Typhonian conquest
Necrotized solar expulsions impel
Metric expansion, unyielding advance
Violent encroachment on empyreal domains
Crimson eyes burning wild
With malevolent conviction
Transfixed with predatory resolve
Antimatter xiphos unsheathed
Conjuring fatal quantum sorceries
Incalculable cataclysmic magnitude
Orifices vomiting forth quasarian exhalations
Baleful discharge of ekpyrotic phlegethon
Foul emanations of pestiferous storms
Great upheaval amidst the throngs of man
Whilst, with reality-fracturing approach
Doom immutable sunders the eastern sky
Apollyonic apotheon
Thanatotic adjunct of Thagirion
The ultimate existential threat
Presents the superior argument for annihilation

Rough, instrumental version of the forthcoming, self-titled KΩZMIKLAZT demo track.

From the tenth region of the night—Arise!
The foot which once trammeled you is withered and decayed
Ra, envenomed, lies stranded in the nether
His consorts scattered, hopeless, defeated
The smoldering ruin of Atet remains adrift in the sands of time
The agents of Ma’at derelict in their sacred duty
The line of pharaohs is irrevocably severed
The desecrated sphinxes helplessly watch their pilfered tombs
Spells unspoken, effigies unburnt,
Rites of banishment neglected
Tyrannical Lord of Isfet, soul-devouring, chthonian serpent,
The balance is tipped. You stand unopposed.
Delineate the cadavers of Shu… of Nut… of Geb…
And plunge them into ceaseless depths of Amenti
May the blight of Ka never again darken this earth…

Irradiated revenants languish
Through the shroud of fallout
Clambering mindlessly for deliverance denied
By ubiquitous devastation
A final, harrowing vertiginous vision
Of howling gales of paroxysmal inferno
A once-dignified organism debased
Into a slavering bestial shadow
Lesions torturously awash
With mordant torrents of carcinogenic rains
Purified—humanity consumed
In the luminous fires of atomic crucible
Desperate screams silenced
By ceaseless eructations of blood
Effluence of bowels deliquesce
Into mephitic streams of hematic excrement
Apocalyptic asceticism
Cosmic orphan, neutron spawn
From an atom violently hatched
And with imperious forfeiture of flesh
Transcends on thermonuclear winds


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