Debate or De Bait?

Mark Passio gives an overview of the Trivium.

Demonstrable Repeatable Measurable Observable REALITY.

The Globe is purely mental.

Don't deny truth just because it makes you feel uncomfortable.


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Music Anchor Bear. Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)

Construct a Physical Straight edge and compare.
To The Physical Earth.
Beyond The Imaginary Curve

Just carry on believing in the Authorities.

Post Instrument.

The Earth Is Demonstrably a Level Plane and zero proof is provided with images. It is Knowable through the everyday experience and the substance water.

Humans adverse to abuse of robots, study finds.
Yet don't seem to care about the abuse themselves and others have and are experiencing.

For Dry Biscuits
Bungie: Destiny Live Stream 09/06/2020
Social Programming
This does not even scratch the surface of the constructs
and narratives in this huge online social gaming community.
Only a snapshot as i don't have the time to go into it.
You either get it or you'll get it.

A Cult of little Squirters, Squirt.


Mainstream media lol.

link to original video, utmost discernment required.

It really seems like our universe could be part of a hypersphere, but... it's probably not

Flat/Level Earth - Water & The Scientific Method Vs Globe Pseudoscience
Flat/Level Earth - Space Force - Obamagate - Pseudoscience Claims & More

A few thoughts and...
Observations taken from Hokio beach New Zealand.
The Earth is demonstrably not a spinning oblate spheroid in a vacuum!
If not viewed already this clip from Harry is well worth a look.

Mirror from Valuetainment, Patrick Interviews Robert Kennedy Jr about Vaccine and some facts surrounding them.
Link https://youtu.be/P4_h8b4rClQ


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The Globe is a Lie
Execrate it !