Unmissable speech by David Icke:
"This is the time to change human history... 8 billion, wake up!"

Imperdible discurso de David Icke:
"Este es el momento de cambiar la historia humana... 8 mil millones ¡Despierten!"

Dr. Scot Youngblood, San Diego, interesting analysis demonstrating lack of DEC/JAN Omicron peak in surrounding Lebanon and Jordan. The ecological analyses that follow are cohesive demonstrating a backfiring of the anticipated population effect.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

“La salud pública se construye sobre políticas de vacunación obsesivas, que medicamentos como la Ivermectina hubieran amenazado”.
La guerra librada contra la Ivermectina para obtener el uso de emergencia de las inyecciones. Extracto del documental Plandemic 3 de Mikki Willis, 2022.

David Icke (again) hits the nail on the head by laying out the entire World Economic Forum plan in just 60 seconds — This is what the attacks on Dutch farmers are really about...

David Icke (de nuevo) le da al clavo al exhibir todo el plan del Foro Económico Mundial en tan solo 60 segundos — De esto se tratan realmente los ataques en contra de los granjeros holandeses...

We are not in favor of any political party , we are just in favor of COMMON SENSE , something not very common lately !

Thomas Massie DISPELS Covid Vax Myths and Exposes the Comirnaty Hoax for All of Congress to Hear

"The President himself is contagious right now ... So I just take a little bit of issue, that we are in a congressional markup still perpetuating this falsehood [that the shot stops the spread] that was propagated by the pharmaceutical companies ..."

"I am absolutely saying that what the Secretary of Defense is doing right now is illegal. We know it. I would characterize it as a crime in progress ... The emergency use authorization vaccine is all they've received, not a single member of the military has received the FDA-approved version."

“How can you force someone to take a vaccine to stop transmission when that vaccine doesn’t stop transmission?”

- Dr. Joe Ladapo, Florida Surgeon General

(aka the greatest surgeon general in the country)

Tucker Carlson brings out the issue of menstrual changes and potential fertility concerns after millions of women were forced to take them under mandates and now it’s too late.

Kooky Jane Goodall suggesting at the WEF that all our problems would be solved if the population of Earth was reduced by 90% ( population that we had 500 years ago )

"Its easier to FOOL people , than convince them that they were FOOLED" Mark Twain

13 years later we can see according to NASA that we still have plenty of ICE : https://twitter.com/NASAGoddard/status/1516856793028308996/photo/2

NOW - WHO's Tedros: "I have decided that the global #monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern."

Tucker Carlson zeroes in on important observation, after multiple failed administrations of genetic code for the obsolete WIV Spike protein, the immune system is misdirected or "imprinted" creating cases like Biden's. Flawed biotechnology and bad public policy.

Don't worry, the only thing at stake is your life.

The Human Genome Has Been Poisoned; 1.25 billion women are carriers of a genetic mutation from the mRNA shots

Dr. Nagase: “This is the magnitude of evil we are dealing with”

The ‘silent gene mutations’ will affect the next generation’s fertility
1.25 billion women of child bearing age have been injected. They are carriers of mutations of the egg cell line.
They carry silent DNA which will only be seen in the next generation.


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