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Probably the best graphics I've yet seen in a video game. Captured and edited on a PlayStation 5.

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The hilarious part about this is that my export out of "OpenShot" has no audio! I did it twice, and no sound either time! So this is the raw output from "OBS Studio", apparently I can't edit videos anymore to tack the intro onto the front. Incredible example of exactly what I complain about in this very video-- software breaking behind my back.

Leftist authoritarianism gone amok; _literal_ Fascism!

I was really not a fan of this game but it had some spectacular moments graphically in spots. My review:

More coverage of our Wireframe Competition entry, this time with all three members of "Sniperpon Productions" playing together!

Ever notice that modern-day Lefties have a sort of reverse-Midas touch with regards to art? I explore that subject in this video and offer what I see as the explanation for this phenomenon, using the PlayStation 5's "Miles Morales" as the backdrop.

Here is my funny "Spider-Man: Remastered" montage I mention:

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The kids and I are finally done with it: here is a single player playthrough of our Fuze "Wireframe Magazine" competition entry! Hopefully in the next few days I'll have time to record a three-player co-op session as well.,

I've been accumulating humorous video clips from various games, and decided to just toss them together and upload them. Assassin's Creed Valhalla I was playing on an "Xbox Series X"-- when capturing from that system, make sure not to record the clips with HDR, it's flat-out broken as you'll see in this montage; Control was on my PC, with all of the ray tracing enabled; ditto for Cyberpunk 2077-- Windows 10, with ray tracing features enabled.

Here are some gameplay clips I recorded while playing the PlayStation 5 version of Dirt 5.

Footage captured via my PlayStation 5 during my playthrough, edited in "SHAREfactory" directly on the system, then copied to my PC compliments of a USB thumb drive.

Dubai Skydive looks kind of fun... all assists off, flaps extended, nice and easy approach... touchdown, a little bumpy and weird... whew, made it! Braking, braking...

And then... a cliff.

Good thing I hadn't been trying to take off, going in the other direction! You'd think for all of that oil money, they'd be able to keep this strip in better shape.

I've been recording video clips on my Switch for years, and decided to finally throw some together into a montage.

Awesome showcase of open-world, fully-emergent gameplay. Excuse the over-saturated colors; the Xbox Game Bar seems to have issues when I capture video from a game running with HDR.

Here is the 4DO "core" running via RetroArch, on a fully-patched Manjaro Linux system. I'm running a DisplayPort-HDMI cable to a cheap HDMI-to-S-Video adapter to my CRT. This video shows both Super Turbo on a Toshiba final-gen CRT, and the FIFA demo FMV on a Vizio P50-C1.

Here is a mixture of clips from my campaign and horde mode playing. For some reason, the Xbox game bar recorded some of the clips with garbled audio. You can also see some of the hitching, memory leak-related VRAM thrashing which plagues this game on some setups.

I added two new overworlds plus corresponding new dungeons. Barring bug fixes, this is the finished game. I'm hoping to get it included in the upcoming gratis "Fuze Player" which their company is planning to release on Switch.

Here is a game my kids and I have been working on in Fuze for the Nintendo Switch. You play as a rollerblading cat, and need to collect treasure while avoiding enemies. The game gets progressively more difficult as it goes. It has a working high score table which saves between play sessions. It's written in a few thousand lines of Fuze's Basic or Python-esque programming language.

Here is a game I've started working on in "Dreams" on my PS4 Pro. I animated the yo-yo, and added an attack feature using it. The hat also spins when the character jumps. The enemies will follow if the player is close enough, and will try to strike with their swords. I implemented the HUD and all of the damage handling this afternoon.

Aesthetically, I'm going for a Saturn/3DO/PSX vibe, with the low resolution, limited geometry, and scanlines. I'm also aiming that way with the choice of sound effects and music.

This is one of the best videos I've ever seen on _any_ topic, yet it keeps getting censored by Google's YouTube overlords, and I haven't yet seen it on BitChute, so I've decided to just upload it myself. I'd be thrilled if the original creator would step forward and upload it to BitChute themselves, whereupon I'd remove this copy-- mostly so they can take credit, but also so I can thank them for having made it.


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