Expat Farming in the Philippines

This is about where my projects stand at the moment

Spare the rod save the kid. All that crap they do now a days, IT'SCRAP! Look at the kids today - most are crap.

Couple more mistakes were made. Thee roofs going up.

Some mistakes were made.

It's looking like the frame will be finished to day.

Here we are back on the job and I see they got a bit ahead of me.

Here we go again. This time you'll see one of my millions of nieces. and more of the store she works in.

We see, in the west, monkeys as cute and fun. They are not.

My wife told them to make up an hour and this is what they did.

Having a little breakfast and wasting a little time. I feel a little free from the constraints of the job sight.

I'm going into town. Let's see what's going on out there.

Corruption in every office!

A little concrete, a little gas, man life's just getting better and better.

Inching along, erasing dysfunctional mud with functional mud!

We're going to erase bad mud with good mud, and at the end of the day -regardless of standards- my, "standard of living" will be improved.

The day is over and things are looking up. There's a fire burning, father is splitting wood and I'm editing. This has been a good day.

George Frank, here is my biblical based opinion on Catholicism!

Got a new trained worker, and I liked him from the start. He makes the one i already have better.

I decide I don't like the toilet where it's going to be. My worker shows, and my wife brings me a new good worker. The best part, father chopped a tree down because he decided it needed to come down. He, almost 70, he doesn't have a chainsaw!

Here's why I'm here and what I'm doing. Then later we'll get started on my CR/toilet.

One of those annoying jobs nobody wants to do, but gives great satisfaction once its out of the way.

Time to finally get the shed wired up and berried so we can pour cement.

Stabbing #3 of 3

In this one you'll hear the rest of the story of fathers stabbing.

Someone wants to hear about my wife's father getting stabbed and robbed back in 2017.


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Change can be a good thing , but I don't have to like it. I am an American farming in the Philippines. My wife and I are trying to make a living raising livestock and growing food. We are heavily effected by this bio weapon as are everyone in the world. Sometimes it's about farming and other times I'm sharing my experiences with what's happening and how it effects my self and the people around me. This is my account as an expat experiencing life in another country. I have been doing this since 2017.