Expat Farming in the Philippines

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Expat Farming in the Philippines

Expat Farming the Philippines


We have a fine window a two new shelves.

There plan is working so far.

If you are against all of any race, you're the problem.

Little bit of a rant as well.

Talking about what we're doing.

Almost closed in and it's quieter already.

We're off the dome today because, no Jake.

I'm working with one worker so I'm doing a project that he's good at without direction.

Me talking about my grandchildren and there mother.

Washington is our real enemy.

Comments and the rest of the rant.

This is how they program the 85 percentile.

That is how you say all Christion's undercover.

Answering a few comments.

We're getting screwed and you know it.

Can we take our country back?

Abstract thinking is my specialty!

However, if you try, sometimes, you can get what you need.

We need the dam to break.


What about Elon? In a mirror!

On a prayer!

How the day turned out. I just changed the plan.

Hard times ahead. appreciate the stuff that matters while you can

I'm talking about what I think will happen today.


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Change can be a good thing , but I don't have to like it. I am an American farming in the Philippines. My wife and I are trying to make a living raising livestock and growing food. We are heavily effected by this bio weapon as are everyone in the world. Sometimes it's about farming and other times I'm sharing my experiences with what's happening and how it effects my self and the people around me. This is my account as an expat experiencing life in another country. I have been doing this since 2017.