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- there is no night in the far north of Scandinavia now---
-the light of the night is so special..

hm------------ really? ;)
Cars and Hegelian Dialectic .. yes!!!!!!!!!!!

-watch carefully, there it is .. :) + you can see the Spain as a bonus .. . U know ;)

no, no, no ;) if U understand what I mean ha ha ..

-the star of your life U can find everywhere! :)

-almost tropic rain :) nice!!! when it is 40 C outside ..

- now it is the time of big changes ..

-meditation music, asmr if U wish so.. :)

- do you like to watch a such hm,,. crap ..?
-music is our own :)

Mirrored from the Internet hm... very interesting.. is this our reality ;) or not?

Mirrored from Internet because so true we think...

-and how about simplicity of life ?

- we think it is complicate ... is it?

-it is very important!! and u know why :)
-be healthy and strong 4 the future...

-freedom is worth so much!!! Sabaton
Defence of the Polish Post Office in Danzig..

Do you know what the word "spring " mean?

During World War II, Witold Pilecki volunteered for a Polish resistance operation that involved being imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp in order to gather intelligence. At Auschwitz, he organized a resistance movement within the camp which eventually numbered in the hundreds, and secretly sent messages to the Western Allies detailing Nazi atrocities at the camp.

We discovered many anomalies in this world.
A phone will call us in the future and sometimes gonna explain them to us... ;)
- our music 4 u 2 :)

- what is what in this video ? ;)

- rain is life too...

- we are saying goodbye to this winter by our music and pics :)

-music of the north too... aurora

- you are what your culture is...

Water is life too...

-time is important for our civilization and not only time, ethic too..


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-sometimes -soon nice news too.. :)
-and our own music, mostly ---
-and mash of associations here ....