Are you finding it hard to secure investment into your business? That is probably because you are out knocking on doors rather than letting investors come to you. Here is my experience on attracting investors or partners of any type.

Blog post: https://www.explainervideosoftware.net/how-to-attract-investors-to-your-business/

Businesses struggle with pay-per-click advertising because not every person who clicks on an ad is a potential customers. This video reveals who is clicking up your advertising budget and to fix the problem with organic rankings via video.

Blog post: https://www.explainervideosoftware.net/ppc-fraud-who-keeps-clicking-up-your-ad-dollars/

Every business has a website but many don't result in a lot of sale. In this video, I explain all the things that need to be done to your website in order to increase sales.

Blog post: https://www.explainervideosoftware.net/how-to-make-your-website-more-effective/


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