Experience i had of a female light person giving me seeds.

When you die here the shit still flies in the Astral / illusion.
Supposedly the fight with the looters in that building was not recorded in the history books.

The last months drama leads to me getting cremated. there were 163 people there for the cremation from the regent priests, and a long ritual at the beginning, supposedly i made history again.
My spiritual Astral / illusion experiences.

The closest photo i ever saw as to what the ET species looks like is the thumb photo on this video.

My experiences with ET's saving me on a very likely probability.

Windsor-Detroit / Lesson learned of my own self doubt.

ET Experience, and sighting. Windsor On - Detroit.

Experience on how i CE5, and get the real deal, just need to record it.

My spiritual experiences the astral / illusion.

I asked myself how do i repeat this event, i awoke singing this song every time i ask my innocence and my seeds.
Biggest part of me Ambrosia. lyrics ... Read the lyrics until you get it..

My inner light answers my question from a Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell show i was questioning myself on alternate Physical dimensions. And just because i used the word "Grey ETs" does not mean that they were.

My spiritual Experiences...

These are my spiritual experiences.

My experiences in the astral / illusion.

My experiences in the Astral / Illusion.

My experiences in astral world / Illusion.

My spiritual experiences.
-How i learnt to follow my inner light on probable realities, what i did when it was shinning, telling me something.

CE5, Chatham On. April 12, 2022.
Maybe better quality on youtube link here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqw6-cmRH5w

My experiences in the Spirit World / Astral or Illusion / St Lucian.

These are my spiritual experiences.

These are spiritual Experiences,
Also i forgot in the video i had 3 loogies from ex-priestess, and the Agency brought the seeds to JC, JC had to sign a form to get them back..So it seems that the Agency stole my seeds because they deem me a loose canon in St Lucian, just as i figured.

My spiritual experiences.

update retraction / Blair Lyons Is not the other person that was shot from the D Boone Past life..he was another person locally i was looking into for remote viewing, his name was on my list of notes.

Rumble link to ExploringTheIllusion. .............https://rumble.com/

Orange Goblin / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtGs1_mpwmE&list=PLSyt4ZOZDQB3_vbh52tKz04-QcGU8QMr2&index=248


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ET, Alien, UFO, UAP, experiences i have had during my life.
Spiritual experiences Jesus Christ experiences i had during my life. I also do Reverse Speech.
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