Part 3 of what is two seedline? Where does it come from? Can it be proven? How old is it? Here we hope to address all of this along with many other questions regarding two seedline.

There have been so called 'CI' pastors who have tried to disprove two seedline, using dishonest tactics and presenting strawman arguments they then 'discredit'. Yahweh willing we will expose them all and hope to explain two seedline how it should be taught.

Through out this video we discussed:
- Is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil the Law?
- Does 2 seedline originate form the Talmud?
- What did King Solomon, the Apostle James, the Maccabees say about 2 seedline?
- Did the Apostle Paul agree with 2 seedline?
- In Genesis 3:15 who are the 2 seedline?
- Was only Jesus Christ born of a woman?
- Does seed refer to a single person or all that person's descendants?
- How did Wycliffe and other early Protestants view 2 seedline?
- When will Christ's victory over Satan occur? Has it already happened?
- Does Christ have a race and Satan have a race, opposed to each other?
- Is Satan dead, buried, finished or still out there today?
- Why did the Apostle Peter warn of Satan seeking to devour us?
- Why in Christs Revelation does he warn of Satan out there?

In future presentation we hope to address more with each episode. You can find the podcast here along with the rest of Bill's notes:

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Video by VertigoPolitix here is his link to his youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wgST3pq1L6LxR-BB_vjRQ

Video by VertigoPolitix

Hoax Train by Graham Hart.

Please go visit dennis's website he has some amazing content on there. Here is the link https://communismbythebackdoor.tv/

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Who are the modern European people and where did they come from?

The following is a list which undoubtedly proves the ancient lsraelites were white. That the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic European people today are in fact the true and only descendants of lsrael who inherited all the promises made to our forefathers. That virtually all of the Bible Prophecies are centered around the modern white race today spread through out the whole world.

The list contains a mixture of scripture, bible verses both old and new testament and also historical study.

For more Info visit

Proofs List
- The Saxons meaning
- The 10 commandments
- America Flag's 13 stripes
- To spread across the whole world
- To be known as Christians
- New home to be northwest
- Meaning of the name Adam
- Christ sent the Apostles where
- Who spread the Gospel?
- A new language

- Paul's Letters were to Europeans
- The Abrahamic Covenant
- Jesus's appearance
- America the only Christian nation
- To Transform Desserts
- To control the seas
- All inventions
- To be flooded
- Union Jack = Union of Jacob
- Traditional English names.

- Paganism the Lost Sheep
- The Greek migrations
- An elect race
- Divorced and dispersed
- Kings David and Solomon
- Early European Nations
- The Phoenicians
- America the Eagle
- Christian Churches worldwide
- Nations of agricultural

- Indistinguishable from Greeks
- Romans were Trojans
- Spartan letter to Judeans
- Jude's letter opening
- Would keep the Sabbath
- Noah's son appearance
- Would all praise Christ
- Declaration of Arbroath
- Chief amongst the nations
- Revelations 1000 year reign

- All Heathen Nations aligned
- Further away stronger they became
- Great Britain the Commonwealth
- America a Great nation
- Dan a viper's trail
- Tribe symbols on flags
- Tribe symbols in surnames
- 3 Lions everywhere
- 3 Kings Prophecy
- The British Coat of Arms

- Daniel's 5 Empires
- To be recombined
- Paul accused
- Wealth of the earth
- Always be a Monarch
- Japheth and Shem
- Wild Olive Tree
- The British Flag
- To be a blessing
- To be blind

- Blessed or judged
- Gentiles correct meaning
- To be kind to the poor
- The meaning of Britain
- Name to be "Great"
- Daniel's people of the Prince
- A new covenant to be made
- Justice and judgment
- To lose a colony then expand
- Home to be invincible

- Every people coming
- Revelation 2 Witnesses
- Rich fertile promised land
- The Old Irish Flag
- European Pagan Gods
- God's battle axe
- Egyptian mummies appearance
- The population of the wilderness
- Recognized by their fruit
- DNA of Europeans

- Josephus's 10 Tribes
- New Testament in Greek
- Common mistranslations
- A maritime people
- Rev fall of Rome
- To be separated
- In God we trust
- Graveyards Crosses
- Who is Christ saving
- Time of Jacob's trouble

- Ancient Druids
- Artwork of Christ
- Stone Henges
- To darken
- The kilts
- Welsh IS Hebrew.
- The Cubit measurement
- To rule over others
- 7 times punishment
- Must fulfill all prophecy

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Truth about WW2.

Truth about WW2.

Truth about WW2.


Truth about WW2.


Truth about WW2.

Truth about WW2.

The truth about WW2.

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Hello i used to be called Exposing flat earth shills and other conspiracies but i have been banned from youtube facebook etc. It is my duty to expose what the jews are doing trying to genocide us white people because we are the true israelites from the bible. Jews are parasites who are destroying our countries and everything that is good they are making a bunch of wars then making the immigrants from their wars come in our countries blaming us for all of it, trying to create race wars. So i will be putting my old videos and i am working on news videos. I am in the christian identity circle this is what i believe the bible is about. May god bless all of your souls. I am french so sorry for my bad english ;)