Extended Hands of Jesus International Ministries

It teaches how to please God by being single-minded and being fully persuaded in what you believe and to stand strong. This is key to being effective to others using God's Word

The message is about dealing with major issues in our lives facing great opposition and how to deal with it in our attitude, what to do, how to deal with opposition, and what it takes to breakthrough. At the end prayer for your deliverance.

A message that will teach you how to recognize and deal with the strongholds that are in your life. We must recognize and understand what we are dealing with before we can be set free.

It tells about the Book "OVERPOWERING INFLUENCE OF THE TRUTH" that God-inspired me to write that has touch many lives in many ways. It is a book for every one baby Christians to the most mature. It can be used for Bible studies, Sunday School Class, Devotional. or reading in any area. If you want to speak into someone's life or get them started on the right foot for the Lord, this book is inspired to do just that.

It is a message that will teach you that no matter how bad your situation or circumstances are, what you need to do to overcome them and have the victory in your life.

A Word & Prayer for corporate unity, faith, and prayer enabling us to go forward as Gods Last Day Remnant

Teaches how to deal with the impossible things that you face in your life.

A Powerful & Anointed Word and Prayer following to set you free and strengthen you

This video will teach and encourage you how to live in this prophetic hour right before Jesus returns. Pleasing God and living a victorious life in Jesus. There are things that we must know and understand that we can go forth in faith and confidence which this message teaches.

Extended Hands of Jesus International Ministries

Extended Hands Of Jesus International Ministries

A Powerful message on healing and Anointed Prayer for the viewer to receive their healing from God through the video.


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Evangelist/Prophet Edward F. Eberly