Extreme Narcissism TV: Man Without A Culture

Extreme Narcissism TV: Man Without A Pop Culture

What can this lowly man possibly say that should matter to anyone?

Hey Mom, I brought you eggs!

MGTOWs, volcels and incels; " Mandy is your Darling Clementine Deviant Art Dream Girlfriend, and you are Red. You and the love of your life went off the grid... and Love died."... Best film of 2018! Mandy sequal! I never read Tragedy and Hope....

Scott does some white knighting that does NOT end with trying to paste anyone's eyes shut! This is a "Eyes Wide Open" party... For Ladies Only... and real Men.

I do a little "White Nighting" with no intent to paste your eyes shut...

A early present in the form of a Star Wars Episode 9 SPOLIER!!! (Kylo was trained by Darth Maul and gets a new hat!) This episode is loosely about the Holidays! We also talk about Mandy and the Death of Love for Men, Killing gaming for Men, all the poop emoji decorations with Santa hats, the Santa/Satan connection, My favorite Whip-it Christmas song, Sniffing glue and Pink Floyd's"Animals, "holiday burn-out, Sabrina the Teenage Satanist, Billary, Haitian divorce, and much more.

Somebot-ty doesn't like the thumbnails for my videos... here they are in a video devoted to my most recent ones.

Scott's on vacation where free trade intergalactic chocolate is made... it's better than organic or vegan! They CGI-ed Captain Marvel's eyes in the trailer like they did to bearded Superman in Justice League to make her seem less "micro-aggro" in the face! this is a Ramblesode!

SCOTT KILLS LIES!!!!!!! Thumbkin Foundation Assisted Living Care Facility and the Alfred E. Newman connection."Da air in the Earssh should be free Cohagen!"


An URGENT WARNING from Future Scott about the fall of Canada and the rise of INCELS and DEVIANT ARTISTS.

It's legal in 37 states to hunt and skin ASMR babes. Thots can't even do taxes. #WEGOTTALOOKOUTFORTHEGURLS

My Alley Cat Gurls: Steering Your Lineage: Who Do You Love? Don't Be My Valentine Everything is provided for a Disney Princess, then they grow up and don't need a prince? How can you be a princess that becomes blafrican KWANG without no prance? China throws it's daughters in the garbage, and the Western daughters can take the trash out themselves... and they are the trash... Hot Garbage! The rotten womb.... what is it good for?

Howeird is this video…. off an old vhs tape from 1991.
"Yo...….dat's raciss!"
Originally recorded live, in-studio from Secaucus New Jersey!

A masonic antique mall show & tell.
hosted by mini Corey Mason Feldman.
Featuring: "What Up With Youth!"

I am tired of all this online craziness and hate speak!
It's time to set the record straight!

Welcome to BitCh-ute or rather; Styxhexenhammer69dude.com
...Where I don't even f*ckin' exist if you cut and paste my f*cking name in the f*cking search box!

"Decrode dat lil' chestnut forda ages!"

Youtube hired 10,000 "people" to monitor Youtube and censor and shadow-ban content.
"Come on Anonymous, this should be an easy one!"
I want to know who the people are who are censoring all my friends and neighbors on the internet!
I want to ask them why and how could they?
How do they feel about taking away other people's voices and freedoms forever?
And then I want to 5G their asses to oblivion!

One Man's trash is another mans pleasure.
If you want to dig around my old c*mb dumb-sster, you don't need to ask my permission, just take out the trash when your done.

"Europe will be gone- in the blink of an eye... then they will 5G the f*ckers"- Edgar Cayce

They are doing WHAT?

I explain the entire Pop Culture War Landscape from movies to tv to politics and the comic shop!
Why was Gun's relationship with his father strained?
How did he resolve father figures in Guardians two?
Gunn kills god and Yondu, the trafficker... his dad.
Remember, Stallone hates Yondu…
Because Yondu sell skids!
+ bad tweets on the same creepy theme over the years DOESN'T HELP.
Operation culture destruction!


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