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Childhood Trauma can become comfort food when you get old, or a deviant romantical fetish when you grow up. The power is yours... to do what they want you to! The Circle Of Life! The Lion King!

Comedy is dead. Nobody even tells new jokes. The future of laughs is in Sci-fi Dystopian Comedy. I diss the top Netflix Brand comedians cuz I just don't like 'em.

Did you ever want to have the whole world to yourself? You can... for a time.

Why do you wanna like famous people? Everybody else already likes likes them too! I don't get celebrity crushes and I don't like you havin' 'em either! It's bad for ya. I also review Nightbreed a movie about the biblical Midianites and their persecution in trying to find a new home for themselves and their fallen god... The Living Embodiment of Baphomet, and his name in the movie is... "Baphomet". That's my dvd review segment, and then I talk about comedy again.

No Restaurants,
No Strangers making my food,
No going to concerts,
No Drum circles,
No Going To the Movies,
No Trips or Vacations,
No Festivals,
No Museums,
No Art Shows or Galleries,
No Hiking,
No Van Life,
No Camping,
I don't wanna do nuthin'.
I'm gettin' too old fo' dis sh*t!

Let's talk about our favorite apathetic slobs from movies and tv with one-liners. What is going on with this Man-Baby thing? There are Woman-Babys too you know! Get ready for more pop-culture entertainment talk about all your favorite movies, tv and streaming series, shows & movies.

All Woman er- thang for the next 10 YEARS! You didn't ask for it, you don't want it, you won't like it, you DON'T like it, here is more of the same Pop-Culture Bolshevik. Let's talk post-modern deconstruction of your popular role models. Star Wars Episode 9 hates the audiance and the audiance is going to be informed and punished. Al, the movies stink and Ruby Rose, Batwoman is synthetic, tv, male hormone replacement therapy for the audience...
Women need to be kept and Men will have to clean up the mess, again. PLANET DADDY ISSUE. I WIN!

How goes it? It's a Brave New World and I am just trying to make sense of all this New Order and not forget what it was to be a Man and how great Woman are, or used to be. I also review Clive Barker's Nightbreed and do some YouTuber shop talk at the end.

The neo-cultural *marxist craves annihilation. Suicide guilt makes dumb ridin' hogs super wet... eww gross. You Don't Want 'Em! And Star Wars too... ho hum. A re-upload of an old video pertinent to recent suicides etc. (* It's beneath me to capitalize that rightfully besmirched, lowly, unfortunate surname.)

Well, the title says a lot, but not all. Come on over an' listen to me. I'll try an make you laugh.

More New and upcoming movie and tv talk, Scott style! Then tell your girlfriend to get a job... a hijob!

This is hump-day a lo-fi chill jamblesode... or some other Jablinski games gibberish. Hang-out and let's think about movies and tv and our hopes and dreams and stuff. Jenkembucha!!!!!

Disney Star Wars needs attention, it's melting. Then I meander into talking about the meaning of life, why your life isn't what you want and giving you a blueprint and how to live it, even in the world as it is, so you can be happy and live a life rich and filled with meaning.
Welcome to Planet Daddy Issue. I'm Scott and I'll be your host. Strap in for corporate franchise Apop-calypse and the meaning of life from The Man without A Pop-culture and Champion Of Love. What do YOU Want?... For LIFE???

It's a Fun-house ride, or is it a Blum-house ride? It's for traumatizing a generation with an ancient, evil, clown, space-demon thing. This movie is a video game walk-through. Wanna watch me play Stephen King's, IT Chapter 2? Party City Pennywise is back! And you're a b*tch if you like him. Social engineering is totally Whack yo! Word!

Emperor Libertine is still alive and teaching Shiloh Red the ways of the Back-side of The Force. Daisy Jizzley gets force blasted- right in the face by Red's pink lipstick and turns bad! They fight and Shiloh goes ATM on Rey with his red saber! Then, Captain Marred-vulva needs to get fcuked... and boy does she ever. They made a porn about it. Then I talk about the end of the year NEW Movie Trailers! I don't like any of it. I am The Man Without A Pop-Culture. Movie Trailers, Rambo Last Blood, Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker, Maleficent 2, It Chapter 2 Review, Terminator Dark Fate, Zombieland Double Tap, Angel Has Fallen, Good Boys, Don't Let Go, Brittany Runs A Marathon, The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance and so much more. Or at least "some" more.

A lo-fi chill hang with Scott. Let's eat ice-cream sandwiches and hang-out in the Time Tunnel while I wait on my friend 'Ole Dill-Bot for some Biff Tannen type shenanigans.

Comedy isn't funny now because women are not funny and everything in entertainment is about destroying Men and Father figures. I complain and talk about the state of comedy and movies and stuff.

Everything is games! Where are we going with all the gaming? Let's look at our tv programming; Marriage contests, Drag Toddlers, Competitive Weight Loss, Even making a cake is war! The most important contest moments of your life will be televised... globally!
Get ready for the Oasis!... the Ready Player One Oasis. That is where we are being aimed. Lots of fun!

Gamer Hacks... I have the cure! ...It's steady p**sy that doesn't have one single cheat code in her. And so much more!

It's the facade of a Matriarchal world that is actually ruled by the evil, hook-nosed, bejeweled, Skeksis. They are are played by Key and Peele, Shaun of the Dead, Luke Skywalker, James Corden and a bunch of other old wind-bags. And all the Gelfling Dudes are fey Beta puppets.

This is funny to me. It's A.I torture porn for people who want to see A.I "die". HAL is funny, he thinks he's people. Shut it down!

I have a great life hack for video-game addicts. I talk about the death of melody in modern music in both pop music and movie scores. Come hang-out I'll talk about movies and tv and life and love and sh*t and how to keep a mate or something.

Almost 3 hours of our world's favorite dystopian sci-fi fantasies put together in one digestible audio-visual lo-fi chill jam to hang out with Scott to.


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