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Why isn't comedy funny anymore? It's on purpose... Wanna hear why?

Why do they say that? Why do women get angry about it?

Yer kids Easter candy is occult exoteric magickal poop and it's filled with the emanations of the great white eagle! PLUS: Battle Angel Beta Dream-girl Lolita, Twilight & Stephanie Meyers, IRL Battle Royale & Hunger Games districts, pleasure-zoos, Real Vampires, 50 Shades, Shinto-Occult-Pagan Japan's history and how it's helped create the sentient programmable A.I pleasure-bots that lonely Otaku shut-ins of all genders want to program for a lifetime of programmed abuse. This episode gets weeeeiiiird. But it's about the Future and boning objects and Blade Runner 2049 and how it would stink to live there... still. And run on sentences.

Also this episode; NEWS and WEATHER and evil. And we got, Owen Benjamin, Jesse Smollet, Baphomet, The Wall, heads on pikes, raper gangs, collectible selling advice, Netflix movies and praying to Dad for one small natural disaster to smite a titty-goat-man statue that shouldn't be playing with kids. This episode is fun and jam packed full of cool stuff.

A big, nut roast is what you get in this one. I forgot to make fun of his animal abuse and how he makes you watch his old boring videos etc. Owen is the tallest boy in school and has the highest Hi-Q in the class (because he is taller.) Owen is a giant boy and he doesn't have bitch hips, he needs a diaper change Owen is a giant, Baby Huey. "Owen is a chicken nugget scooner and he eats corn chochitoes... alone on the back porch." ~ Sam Hyde Quote.

Is 2019 year of the blue-blooded, blue-skinned heroes? Soon, people are going to start tattooing their entire bodies pink, blue, green or any unnatural color they possibly can! This one's about movies and tv. It's a Ramblesode .

Go lay down! Someone else has the higher standing and you are looking terroristable! This bear needs sleepy-time tea. Go hibernate, don't you know it's Bear Hunting Season and you are the loudest, dumbest, bearrorist and you are going to get all the other bears in trouble!

Hey guys, some dog breeds were made for huckin' cans at. They can totally take it. And Oh, yeah... make sure they are empty cans though, okay guys? Hey guys... uh guys, I married a mop. and I am a flippin' clown-shoe!

This video is all that remains, an urgent plea from the future.
Extreme Narcissism Tv Daynebriation Nation... FREE MILK.
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Skomo Rok!

Alex goes Super Saiyan again! Smooth slow jams with no effort, just point and record.

Are you repeating your parents mistakes or making your own new ones? You can't throw a decent Man at some women to save their life!

Burying Rogan and friends as his legacy is being "wiped" from history.Who is is Rogan and who are all his cool friends. Who are their daddies and what did they do?

Future Scott sits quietly after an interesting evening with a bad case of Danger Eye. You are in the Shadowlands, Realm of the Shadow-banned... outside the borders of Vapor-Wave City. I forget what year it is. Hang-out, wash dishes, stay, have a larp.

They didn't like the rest of this one...

We talk about kids cartoons and evil queer toys and how the are selling "fat-slob" as a lifestyle option. Marshmallow people have taken over your cartoons and they are programming your kids into a Super-D Chibi Ghiblet with zero nutritional value.

Stop wasting young men's life having them bang around chasing after balls! This episode has a mean streak in it.

Wanna fall for an wide-eyed, deviant art anime luv-bot that you can mod-out and who will kick butt for your sorry cis ass? Men and women are silly together. Be an independent riot grrrl-bot! Men just don't measure up, even with great trans-humanist body mods! The furture is rough, bad guys are victims too, everybody prey on everybody while the people in charge are in the clouds.

You guys are the worst fans! Who is Your daddy and what doesn't he do- that you think Benjamin does for ya?

I make a bunch of prognostications! Battle Angel will be a big hit film, Adam Levite at the Super-Bowl, Japan's sterilization laws, toddler day-care Hulk boxing round-robbins, nighttime dreams usefulness in waking life, black dudes still love a 5ft Chinese dude, cheating gf's that haunt your dreams, even some revelation of the method, black, white & red shoes too, aging and wisdom, the first appearance of the missus and more!

Owen Bearjamin ate all your on-line Canadian, father figures, then he threw beer cans at his cleaning lady.... Why are there no cool leaders
to lead Mankind anywhere? Maybe you could do that for us?... and metoo.

Do you love your self-made, false (minor) idol? What are you making? why are you making it? Is this what you want to be doing with the hours of your life? Are you making 'art' again? What in life is worth doing if you are like, really, extra-good at drawling pitchers?

No pencil, no preliminary drawing, just Hi-Liters, Sharpies, cardboard and marker fume euphoria!
Let's waste lives in neon day-glow coloring-booking for A-dolts!

No pencil, no preliminary drawing, just Hi-Liters, Sharpies, cardboard and marker fume euphoria!
Let's waste lives in neon day-glow coloring-booking for A-dolts!

Your'e just not good enough, you need several filters, and your emotions are showing on your face, and I don't like that.


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