Extreme Narcissism TV: Man Without A Culture

Wanna watch me and then Natasha Henstridge naked for one hour and thirty two minutes for free, with ads, on YouTube? Well you can and I prove it... bona-fide!

GOOD STUFF CHEAP! World Class Bullshitters has another toy video to make! Look out Jablinsky Games! Kev Smith is gunning for you and Kevin Nealon's little hiking show!

What the heck happened to Kevin smith and Jay Mewes? why are they unboxing children's occult vibrators? Kev Sith, that's what I'm callin' on account of my hurt feelin's over a good Catholic Jersey boy gone sour. Now Kev and Jay are the Unboxing YouTubers for Ollies Outlet and Big Lots for all of those unsold Star Wars Light Saber Kits nobody wanted or bought??? The answer is YES!

Who dies! that's what you want! I predict 'em! We got: G.O.T finale deaths, Star-Treck Discovery and Picard retirement series got no merch deals! The Rise Of Skywalker is single mother, Reyby mama drama and GRANDPA THE EMPEROR IS DARTH VADER'S FATHER! Avengers End Men spoilers, My Life by Bill Clinton and many hectares of French forest cleared for a new community center roof will also be talked about and pontificated on.

Some women writers ARE their characters and they don't want anything bad to ever happen to themselves so their stories suck and have no lead character development. Time for Daddy ( a Man) to clean up the mess. Do as thou will and it'll work! You'll just get whatever you want! Don't even bother to learn how to do anything... It's gonna all work out! Somehow! Just go for it blindly! Don't bother, "we" will keep everything running behind the scenes. Same ole' same old!

COOL EPISODE on world-building for serious gamers only! I wish they would give this to young people at school so they could become better programmers when they grow up!

Star Wars Chapter 9 Liquidation Sale Teaser Trailer Official Reaction Video! Sponsored by Geeks and Gapers! "Get up in Them guts!" I Love Star Wars!

What if you are a half-clone, half-human hybrid? What is life all about? What's their big plan? What do you want? And how would I know? What makes a strong nation?

This is an old... Chinese folk tale. Enjoy! It's full of anthropomorphic furry sh*t! Grab yer pieces and start whackin' or flickin'!

Can you smell what the Rock has been cookin' ? Ewww! Why do the eyes of adult gays and lesbians look like those of lost children? "Boys Club!" Plus The Nick Cage Ghost Rider Trilogy... and lots and lots of cumb!

Native Americans have the best hair! Here's why! The hair is your Man-tennae! Believe it! Also, natural Hair Care.

What's your program? How Do you identify? Do you think the Joker is cool? How about the retro 90's programing redux of 2019?

What's it all about? What's goin' on besides the rent? Find out in brief.

Wow, women put lots of cremes and lotions on their skin. I had no idea! Lotions for skin, make-up to cover your skin, and perfumes to smell purty! What are the women trying to hide from all the men folk? Let's read a girl book!

How will it all end? Who will die? Watch and find out!

Hit the Wall and be afraid, be very afraid. Men, be wary. Don't let em in, they are like rainbow hair colored vampires! Car whores! Cell phone sluts. The future is yours college graduate! A lot of dudes pay extra for bj's from hookers with a college degree in liberal arts.

SJW's attack the very Japanese cartoon porn that formed their horrible adult sensibilities. Also Dragonball Z is for boys and it's about toxic masculinity. Also; Brexit and other fun stuff about movies and tv and the pop culture YOU love to watch!

All the Super heroes are Disney orphans. You know dat right? Even all the Avengers are orphinks. And everybody loves Beta Angel Lolita, they will fight for her! Don't be a parent and don't have kids!

Men gotta go, and this film cinches it. Wolverine is a hairy toxic man with claws and he reminds people of cowboys and westerns and guns and toxic masculinity. There can be NO road-maps for young males to become men in this Brave New World... because destroy the patriarchy means destroy the history of "MEN" and re-shape men into whatever ya want! I also talk about westerns, Clint Eastwood John Wayne, Bruce Willis, Charles Bronson and other stuff.

Wanna hang out wit me and look at social engineering eugenics programming and bad box art through napkins, Avengers valentines, fake poo, and iFarts that make 15 different sharting sound fx?

Brie is a 1990's Dirty Girl and China has many 60+ milfs, so they don't care about an over 30 blonde that needs to wash her hair! China don't like. Brie Too Uggree!
Here is the doc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3MxEHQk644

Your kids weren't thinking about anything like this, but now... you both are. And that's all we really ever wanted. Keep watching and programing yourselves while we normalize everyone's continuing degradation.

Tim Pool and Georgia Free stink! Our Future has lot's of make-up and lipstick in it no matter how it turns out! Everything is distraction from two basic things. What is a lifetime and how to build one pleasing to all.

Hang out with me... You get: SEX-BOTS. Baphomet in still Arkansas? Can't talk about the news or weather. We live in Blade Runner already! Dan Harmon and his leg fetish. Universal Basic Income. Movies Hate The Audience is part of small scale never-ending conflicts... in your flippin' brain! Bill & Melinda's Global Mcschool program. Women should be men. Chelsea is evil. Food tiers. Circumcision and clitorectomy for all brave new children. Pink P*ssy fly fishing hats with real clits! and more stuff about movies and social engineering!


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