Failure Of Fear

The Magnetic Mark of the Beast
The so called COVID-19 Vaccine has been nothing but a red flag from the start. Report By Greg Reese.

Just emerging from the rubble of corporate MSM propaganda is this wonderful version of the hit song 'Shut Up, Shut Up'. Specifically altered to expose and humiliate the mainstream fake news and the satanic cabal attempting to brainwash and control humanity by virtually any means possible. A powerful music-video which packs a punch by rudely awakening the listener to the level of deception being force fed upon the citizens of planet earth.
PLEASE NOTE: if you're afraid of powerful hard hitting music with an edge of Heavy-Thrash-METAL or are a snowflake or suffer from any snowflake mentalities do not watch!!
It may-be advisable that you watch & listen to something a bit more subtle like Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" and if you are and decide to watch anyway then please don't complain about your inability to appreciate this awesome heavy-metal music-video.
Music-Video proudly produced and performed By "Failure Of Fear"
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(((Heavy Metal Mayhem)))

Their veil of secrecy is being taken down for the world to see. confessions of a former satanist pop star

Something a little bit different to the usual content on this channel of a side project I put together recently,
This is a compilation of scenic media from the serine coastline to the highlands and beyond of Victoria Australia. This music-video is a relaxing and entertaining musical and visual journey to my home land of Victoria, home of the Indigenous Australian Aboriginal cultures who's spirit and soul caresses the land. Anyone born from the land of Australia regardless of their heritage is as indigenous as the original settlers as their spirit enters the world as a descendant of the very land they were born in.
This principle is the same anywhere on the planet. This squashes any notion of racism and land rights as we are all equal inhabitants of planet earth. Or at least should be. As human beings we all have a direct connection to the Creator of this wonderful planet to which we owe our lives too.
PEACE TO ALL. Please watch, enjoy and take in the scenery of the Great Southern Land, Victoria.
Music-Video By 'FAILURE OF FEAR'

The Great Covid-19 Fraud Scandal and the attempted medicalization of planet earth.
Music-Video By 'FAILURE OF FEAR"
In 2020 - anyone claiming there would be vaccine passports was labelled a conspiracy theorist and their dangerous misinformation needed to be stopped.
In 2021 - Anyone opposed to vaccine passports is now also labelled a conspiracy theorist and their dangerous misinformation must be stopped.
Vaccines - happen to be the leading cause of coincidences in the world. Hows That???
And if you do a g-o-o-g-l-e search for the following "WHO'S THE MOST POWERFUL DOCTOR IN THE WORLD?"
you get the answer.... Bill Gates
a man with zero medical qualifications.
How has the human race come to this point???

Welcome to World War 3. At present, an attempted global coup d’etat of the nation-states is underway, in which globalist ‘Cabal/Deep State’ powers are making their play to establish global governance (The New World Order/Great Reset) under cover of a fake pandemic so deadly, you have to have a test to find out if you’ve got it.
Music-video By : ' FAILURE OF FEAR'

Welcome to the Holy War, covered daily with relish by the Fake News Media, Corrupt Governments, Deep State Psychopaths and the False Religious Illuminati Satanists.
The great test of life thrust upon everyone of us, the predicament of man, good vs evil, God vs Satan, love vs hate and experienced in our bodies and minds every day of our lives weather we know it or not.
This is the hyper-dimensional war being played out across cities, nations, continents and worlds with only one outcome. With man himself in the middle of it all, both the pawn and the prize. Gods' wonderful Creation and mans' counterfeit attempt to be a god.

(part 1) 'THE EDGE OF TIME' is a momentous visual and musical masterpiece by "FAILURE OF FEAR"
The second part 'THE GRAND FINALE' is coming soon.
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The Reptilian Minds of The Demonically Possessed Elitists Want Death and Destruction of the Human Race so they can have Gods' World for themselves,
Are They really reptilian entities? Or is this just a metaphor used to describe their mental mind hell of seclusion from God and spiritual enlightenment? YOU DECIDE.
Music & Film Clip By "FAILURE OF FEAR"

It's not real science when you have to trust it, have faith in it and its authorities, obey and not question them - that is $cience fraud from psychopaths, an obedience death cult. Science-Authority = Fraud. No transparency, no questioning nor debate allowed = Cult.

Some people have commented that the audio in the original version of this video is too up beat and doesn't suit the content being presented. I don't necessarily agree as I feel this video has an underlying positive, empowering message which encourages critical thinking. The original audio in my opinion also emphasizes how these psychopathic medical tyrants relish the horrific situation they have created.

Anyway, I have re-released this video with a more subdued audio track that some people may prefer, listen to both versions and let me know which version you like by commenting below.
Link to the original version

Thanks for watching, regards from Failure Of Fear.

This educational video exposes the blatant vaccine propaganda so relentlessly pushed by the deep-state psychopaths and their corporate owned fake news media PUPPETS, so willing and able to control and brainwash the public into depopulating themselves under the disguise of a fake pandemic health crisis.
Music-Video By "FAILURE OF FEAR"

The EU vaccine death counts explode !!
The exempt Vaccine industry is championed by the completely unqualified Bill Gates. Gates warned us that thousands upon thousands of people would get sick or die from the shots. So like good little guinea pigs we should all line up and play Russian roulette for the good of the new world order. Medical tyranny fueled by the onset of countless waves of Covid-19 hysteria.

Just imagine it. All sorts of humanoid creatures being created. Think about the abominations that they could produce in a lab.
Powerful people could get themselves strong, tall, intelligent, handsome and healthy descendants.
Think about what an army of any country could use this for.
This is by far the worst crime against nature that will ever be done and they will play God like never before.
But God won't allow this for very long.

Who Said You Can't Force Someone to Tell the Truth??
Well, we at the 'Failure of Fear' Channel Did it !! Watch & See.
The Joe Biden Speech to the Nation Special You absolutely cannot miss, where he finally comes out and speaks the truth for the whole world to hear.

Note: (Slight Language warning) G'day mate!! As with most people, Aussies generally swear when pissed off. Cheers Mate, enjoy Max's speech, It kicks ass!!! check out the link below, which is Max's informative and exclusive Bitchute channel.

This educational video exposes the blatant vaccine propaganda so relentlessly pushed by the deep-state psychopaths and their corporate owned fake news media PUPPETS, so willing and able to control and brainwash the public into depopulating themselves under the disguise of a fake pandemic health crisis.
Music-Video By "FAILURE OF FEAR"

The "FAILURE OF FEAR" Collection
(part 1) The Truth Can Never Be Permanently Falsified
(part 2) Fooling Ourselves
(part 3) Truth Is The New Hate Speech
(part 4) Waking Up The Sheep
(part 5) We Are The Resistance

Doctor Sherri Tenpenny exposes Pzifer and Johnson & Johnson's so called "Covid-19 Vaccine" as a mass eugenics extermination experiment.

Dictator Dan, Australia's #1 Social Engineer.

The next big threat to humanity will be the manipulated weather crisis.
Solar geo-engineering. Blocking UV from the sun by spraying into the lower stratosphere. UV breaks ozone gas (03) into 02. In theory we would become exposed to higher levels of 03, look up the symptoms of 03 exposure. Covid symptoms to a tee! To make your own 03 is called the corona extract method. Bill Gates, China et al are heavily involved in solar engineering. Bill Gates has a program running in Brazil, just where this new variant of covid happens to be! Is the climate change program affecting mankind?

How could you not want to increase in Knowledge?? Question everything and research the evidence!! This music-video clearly shows the contrast between those who accept reality, and those who will do almost anything to avoid the obvious truth staring them in the face. Just goes to show the power of MSM fake news propaganda.
Music-Video By "FAILURE OF FEAR"

Bill Gates Is EVIL
A hard hitting documentary on the real agenda Bill Gates is pushing on the global population.
Thank you to "truth2all" for this video.

"The great awakening"
Hard hitting action packed wake up time for everyone !!!!
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To Help Wake Up as Many People/Sheeple as Possible!!
Music-video By FAILURE OF FEAR

Catherine Austin Fitts exposes the connections between Big Tech and the federal government and how they are engineering a system of planetary control.

America Being Destroyed From Within By Globalist Agents of the Great Satanic Reset
Now that the populist movement has been discarded, plans for the totalitarian global governance move forward is totally unimpeded.

Official 2021 Inauguration music-video by "FAILURE OF FEAR"
A Wake-up Call to All God's People


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