The Vile War Machine. 7 countries in 5 years

An easy take on Globalism, World Government, or The New World Order.
While it's been called a conspiracy for decades, this ironically proved to be the perfect cover for the elites
to continue their agenda unabated.

Baby trends. Cheers.

The founders of degeneracy, the creators of Hollywood
A ~Certain gRoUp of people wanted to make Sure to turn europeAn DE~scendants away
from any sort of lifestyle that promotes Life, Health, and Longevity.
It's important to understand the methods used to make us stupid, ignorant, money obsessed, fat
ass, self hating liberals... It was the media we consumed. It subverted our natural world into what can be called 'THEIR AMERICA'
and Damn right I linked Marilyn Manson to the JQ!!

Creation of a Horror, by the hand of the
Rothchild Money Changer.
Usury is about to fully blossom on Jew
Street in the mind of
an old Grabbler,
destined to infect
everything in this world.

Sometimes Life Gives You Lemons...

14 minutes
88 seconds of relaxing political, religious analysis of The Jewish Question. My Youtube was assassinated for this video.
It seems ridiculous. Zoom in on any situation on earth and see the evils perpetrated by individuals. Zoom out into a bird's eye view, and you will find similarities among the perpetrators. With the internet, we're able to see certain individuals scattered everywhere on the planet, working their shape shifting mayhem magic on their host cultures, time and time again, subverting the natural order.

Visual interpretation of some of the words of Yuri Bezmenov, infamous KGB defector.

Carefully listen to this video and
read the headlines that appear,
understand what is going on here
so you can be aware and protect
all of your loved ones. Don't get
distracted from the world's

Derek Vineyard Wake Up Scene

Nine Rules for Subverting Our Values

300 meets They Live

Clown World (NUCLEAR)

Nazi Germany
looks like Junon Harbor from FF7

In response to Euro Genocide

The Communist Message is spread from within.

Ronald Reagan
We Must Fight

Interview with Jussie Smoullett complete with re-enactment.

The INFECTION of Communism, Socialism, and Marxism.
Liberalism has NO defense against it.

Tribute to those who feel as though they can spread their love to the shittiest parts of the world, only to be killed.


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