Title of the video says it all! Joe Rogaine is a shill as is Krauss, and they have sold their soul's for Mammon(Strong's G3126 - mamōnas)!

Satans stooges

Are you ready to unlearn generations of indoctrination and Government propaganda?

Eric Jon Phelps discusses the reality of the flat earth in accordance to Biblical truth and real science and exposes the Jesuit involvement in the ball earth LIE.

Trust in the Lord and our Saviour the Risen Lord Jesus Christ!

A Man preaching the Gospel is confronted by a faithless child of this world, a daughter of the god of this world and he turns the Tide with the WORD OF TRUTH and a hymn! Such an uplifting event, I only wish I could've witnessed it firsthand and sung the hymn with everyone present. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ our KING


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Any Bible related topics from Hymns written for and sung to the Lord to people preaching the Word and the Biblical Flat Earth.