Acks Wood Paste

Scroll saw and lathe wood workings

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Annettes #2 Turn
Sorry for the poor quality video, its hard to point the camera and watch Annette at the same time.

Scroll saw and lathe wood workings

Type...ack20... at the coupon box...$5.60 off the large kit and $3.60 off the small kit!! Saturday and SUnday only!!

Scroll saw and lathe wood workings.
Christmas will be on us soon, order a paste kit for your favorite wood turner!!

ACKSWOODPASTE- A wood turners best friend!!

Great paste for resin/wood hybrid projects!! Throw the water and wet sanding away!! Check out our videos on our website.

A wood turners best friend. Abrasive and polish pastes, number one in the USA!


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A wood turners best friend!! Works faster, applies better then anything on the market...thats what all our customers say!! We are now number one in the USA. Currently working on shipping overseas, we have way too many wood workers writing and asking if we could ship to their country, were trying!!

We offer 2 size paste kits, so our paste fits your budget. The paste comes in screw top, wide mouth plastic amber jars. 28 dollars and 8 dollars for shipping is our large size. You get an 8 ounce jar of sanding paste for the 28 dollars and a 4 ounce jar of our food safe, non toxic polish for free!!!

We use nothing but pure,ORGANIC, bees wax and pharmaceutical grade mineral oil, so no more worrying, put our polish on your chopping block, large beautiful platter that you turned and watch the grain POP and load up with cheeses and meats to serve your guests.

The real deal...ACKS WOOD PASTE