Wanted to share this....
RFB talked with former NSA employee about being a targeted individual....gang stalked ..and her affidavit...Mossad....eyes wide open people!!

#flatearth #firmament

Video by Static in the Attic on YT

From Deathproof by Quentin Tarantino


In a very touching interview with a 102 yr old woman @DITRH on YouTube ....Ruth reveals she was originally taught the earth was flat and then they changed it....she also exclaims "she's so glad to know it's all true....I am awake!!" It is amazing when she says she is awake....and he says ya but if u tell ppl who aren't and she says ya I know they won't believe me!!!
[email protected] amazing work brother....you settled her heart for her!!

P.S. I am approx half her age.....raised in Canada....and when I was in elementary school I was also taught the earth is flat....we also said the Lord's prayer every morning.

Up in the water??

Sorry for the shaky camera...but it's so hard to zoom out that far with no tripod.....and I own many tripods...but I never have one handy when I need it!

Music: Water by Kayne West
Ps...I don't know if Kayne is actually a Christian or if he's promoting the devil in a stealthy way...but the music suited the video. Also pray for Kayne. He wants to be good I have felt that for years.

In honor of our Father.
By : Once you go flat you never go back
YouTube channel.

I, am confused.
This hurt my brain and soul.
The music has a nasty frequency in it...but I had to share.
I'm sure I'm late to the goat party.

Alex Jones...what a shill!

These guys make some reality music!
And it's Rap so it's definitely got my vote!!
Check em out on YouTube
Or www.destinylab.com

Awesome video of the sun simulator and what they cover daily with chemtrails...

Isreal inside.
An amazing lecture on reality. The kingdom of our Father is within. The answers are in your mind. The puzzle pieces dont fit. TheBigSib knows what hes talking about.
Its a long video, and if you are new to some of these concepts go look the stuff up yourself . Always go look up the information for yourself.
RichieFromBoston and TheBigSib tie it all together. With the Father as their guide.


The moon is very close and aliens are demons RichieFromBoston

The world is not as it seems. The answers are in your heart, soul and mind.



3 crazy guys!
Lake Ontario.
And me filming lol

La Romana Bad Bunny


This girl is awesome....Vanesa Seco on YT
The tutorial is great!


Trippy relaxing optical illusion. **Flashing lights epilepsy warning**

As the title says random AF.
Adult swim content...cut and edited by me...


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I am an artist and aspiring film-maker.

But i also want to share some of my wordly beliefs here, b4 they are completely removed from YT.

We arent a speck of dust hurling thru the void of a universe, we are special and divine, and you only have to quiet your mind to feel it.


my email is [email protected]
please reach out if you have questions and or answers!!!

FU YT....#f4ckc3ns0rsh1p