Johnny Bigger on YT original name of video It was all ORGANIZED.

Sleeping......B.O.Bs new album....should be lit and woke AF!!!! ūüĒ•ūüĒ•ūüĒ•
P.s the song playing is not from this new album ;)


Dr. Carrie Madej explains how the new vaccines will be rolled out.
Plus what's in them .
I think we should all take note of how easy it is for them to do this to us.

Made by Jimuphy
The First Amendment bitchute channel.

This guy is independent.
This song kind of tells u why.

Rant. You what me to cover my face it'll be like the thumbnail....glasses,.hat and bandana pulled up over ears....BC they can tell who u are by ears apparently also. As individual as fingerprints "they" say.
Music is Tom MacDonald..... politically incorrect is the song.

Film and beats by me
This was only taken on my cellphone...(Huawei)

Wish I had of thought to get out my Nikon....but it was 430 in the morning man!!!

My alarm went off no idea why!!

Please visit Vernon at his website www.vernoncoleman.com for full transcripts videos including the banned ones from YT. :)

A girl finds an USB hub in her purse.
Slipped there she knows not how.
She shouldn't have put it in her computer.
It doesnt end well for her.

This is a tribute to David Crowley.
The Gray State. His movie trailer
Go look him up .
He supposedly committed suicide and all that remains is this trailer.
He was ex military and he knew what was coming.

Note.,...there is a movie called gray state floating around ...looks like a behind the scenes of his productions...but it is not his movie.....it has the opposite agenda and was put out to discredit David.


So well done!!

Hope you love it as much as I do!!!

Happy sunday!!!

Thank you guys.
I look forward to doing some crazy horror and sci Fi content....along with truther stuff art stuff and snake ownership stuff to mention a few....
You have inspired me to kick my own ass...

Love y'all

You can see by the screenshot the sky is plasma.,.thick and electric....I don't know what the light is....it moved sporadically.
Filmed Aug 2020 Sudbury Ontario

Beats by me :))))

I took this film myself while visiting my home town.
Supposedly the largest graffiti in Canada....it's a joke....so is the way the artist ripped off the city....some people....

Anyways....no idea what it was...not reflections ....and that is a stairwell inside the window and I'm sure I saw moving....but bldg is secured!!

Also my Nikon would not stay in focus no matter what I did!!!

This is one woke rapper.
Not alot of people like rap and hip hop who are also truthers or Christians because they talk alot of shit ....so does B.O.B ....HOWEVER ...listen to all his shit ...A.I.R....E.A.R.T.H..F.I.R.E...W.A.T.E.R
.he's one of us....he just made some money first......and no he has not sold out

If u aren't watching this guy yet...you should be.


Eloquent letter about today's situation.

Believe that you already possess what you need.....encompass yourself with that feeling.
That is what is known as the power of attraction....but this man speaks of the biblical teachings about this topic.

This guy spits truth !!!
Very heavy accent but listen anyways.
He's pretty brilliant.

My fave part is 23% ......23 always.
Control with frequencies if u don't have the mark.
It's so in our faces.

Not my usual kind of video but I had to.
Here is the girls tiktok name @shenanigantwins.

Needed a laugh today! Phucumol!
Drug of the day!! #phucumol

I really don't know but had to share

Found this on YT....had to share.

This is my friend.
He is incarcerated. He was charged as an adult at 17. He has already done 8 yrs and he should've been charged with manslaughter and he would've been out by now.
The case was botched by the courts and he has a lawyer willing to fight for him he just needs some funds!
Please look for and purchase his single on Spotify, iTunes, and many other platforms.
All proceeds are going to lawyers for retrial.


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I am an artist, part-time model and aspiring film-maker.

But i also want to share some of my wordly beliefs here, b4 they are completely removed from YT.

We arent a speck of dust hurling thru the void of a universe, we are special and divine, and you only have to quiet your mind to feel it.


my email is [email protected]
please reach out if you have questions and or answers!!!

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