F5 Breh


i believe i have done my part. i hope that pewdiepie gets tseries terminated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i rely on fortnite music because im too lazy to make my own

intro that i'll squeeze into the beginning of videos from now on.
(note: im not really 'tarded, it just says that because this intro is 99.9% satire)

very emotional
(this is entirely satire)

The second sandbox speed build: I try to create a nice-looking house along with optical illusions.

Recorded with wondershare filmora. the software is really cool.
Also, the sandbox building series will be discontinued, as I now play blockate instead.


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i'm a person, i guess
i play somewhat good roblox games. i give up at nothing to make videos.
(upload schedule: 1 video around 5-3 weeks)