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you might want to imagine that had you
lived under the famously oppressive
of the past under mao stalin hitler
mussolini and so on
that you would have been among the
resistance that you would have been on
the side of truth justice and freedom
statistically speaking
that's probably not true
had you lived in those places in those
it's quite likely that
along with a majority of your neighbors
you would have been proudly and loudly
and enthusiastically cheering for
oppressive authoritarian regimes
now you might disagree
not you
you would have been virtuous brave and
principled right
well keep in mind those oppressive
regimes didn't just declare one day that
they would be terrorizing torturing and
murdering innocent people
quite the opposite
even the most vicious tyrants
claimed that what they did was for the
common good was necessary for law and
and to protect the people
and many believed it
real world tyrants aren't comic book
most people don't even recognize them as
tyrants until it's too late
historical tyrants they were all cheered
on by huge numbers of people
well-intentioned people who saw
themselves as the good guys
and saw the disobedient scofflaws and
as the bad guys and deserving of
whatever punishment the state might
impose upon them
dictators and tyrants before they crack
down on dissidents and resistors
always need to portray the disobedient
selfish criminals as enemies of the
people as a threat
to society
meanwhile the loyal obedient subjects
are told that they are the
virtuous intelligent
caring and compassionate ones the ones
nobly sacrificing for the common good
responsible upstanding citizens
by going along with whatever the
political ruling class tells them to do
the masses have always been told by
officials and
experts of the state
that a very real danger was threatening
their country their people their way of
life their very existence
and they were told that the only
solution was more authoritarian control
and they were told that any who
doubted such fear-mongering or didn't
approve of the authoritarian solution
were just
ignorant uncaring mentally unstable
or worse
that the disobedient were trying
to harm the decent good
law-abiding citizens
to get away with
doing what they do tyrants need
their adoring masses to condemn and hate
the disobedient
condemning the motives of any who don't
fall in line the resistors are always
painted by the state
as greedy and ignorant malcontents who
don't care about others don't care about
their country
only care about themselves
endangering everyone else with their
disobedience and
those in power
can't have the masses even considering
the possibility
that the people disobeying and resisting
also have good intentions and good
reason for disobeying that they care
just as much
that they too are trying to do the right
no the dissidents always have to be
portrayed as
stupid irresponsible or downright evil

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