Cherry juice, cocktail shrimps and glitches in the matrix.

Take a seat, relax and eat more sweets. Happy Halloween ;-)

Poor Henry didn't realize he lived his life in the "Fuck it, gimme all the Royal Edition trophies asap!" dimension.
So he was exceptionally dressed in heavy armor, stuffed with potions and sent to wipe out Prib's bandits and Cumans. What a friggin' trip ;-)

Blood, gore and fun... bloody fun!

A lot material from different games piled up over the last few months. This is part 1 of maybe a trilogy (?), concerning the three Techland zombie games:

+ Dead Island - Definitive Edition (PS4)
+ Dead Island Riptide - Definitive Edition (PS4)
+ Dying Light - The Following Enhanced Edition (PS4)

Witness broken birds, the burning man, the quickest descent to the bottom of the sinkhole and other spectacular moments.
Enjoy the erm, flight ;-)

Building all alone isn't too much fun. So we decided to start a really huge project together. This time in MP.

I paused the other one (the Sinkhole Waterfall Base) and will see, if I continue sometime in the future.

A nimble dance with "Wex", recorded somewhere in the beginning of my 2nd playthrough.

Compared to other games building stuff takes sooo much longer in The Forest. So I decided to share a few early insights into my new project/life task/torment (it really is).
Either we speak in a few months, or we never talk about it again :-P

Searching for food, building stuff, exploring, building even more stuff and fighting those rude cannibals is a real time consumer.
Timmy, I really have to learn more about the peninsula, before I'm coming for you. The sometimes real strange local characteristics are bugging me out! :-P

A few buggy and weird moments of my first and second playthrough (Normal and Hard Survival).

Return to Bohemia. New bugs (yes, we finally got the floating heads on console) and more funny moments.

This time editing was quite a mess. I had to do the main part with Upload Studio, put some parts together with kdenlive and did some extra stuff with SHAREfactory in the end.
And sorry, folks. The first upload earlier today didn't work, so I converted it to the more BitChute friendly H264 format.
This time everything seems to be cursed... ;-)

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it^^

Main source of food: the gamer's patience ;-)

Nothing too serious this time. The game runs mostly stable and only has two major bugs besides these small ones. First is the really annoying NPC bug and second many invisible walls and obstacles, that block Artyom's movement. The hitboxes could be a bit more accurate, too.
Let's hope it'll get patched soon.

Antimatter bullets are highly dangerous, even for the user himself...

"Wicked phenomenon, yes? But, you know, it’s not any more evil than, say… fire. It all depends on your point of view. Try to get a better understanding of things before you make your judgement."

"Fire doesn't drag its disfigured victims across the floor, you fool!" :-P

The real enemy in this boss fight is the pointy fence!
Now please don't laugh ;-)

After dying of asphyxiation, I decided to use the old gas mask trick and rush through without waiting for Anna. She decides to punish me with silent treatment and an agonizing death in return.

Edit: The same bug can also occur with Damir in the Caspian Sea when you go to get water and it will destroy your progress in the chapter on Ranger Hardcore (autosave only). Happened to me and some other people within the last few days.
Always stay close to the NPCs and follow their route to trigger their conversations and actions. Never rush forward on your own or stay too far behind. Also better make a copy of your savegame file on USB from time to time.

Grounded difficulty is pretty intense and thrilling. Here're some impressions of my 2nd playthrough in NG+
Sneaky, sneaky ;-)

Mangled by the Ishimura pt. 2

Bernard got up on the wrong side of bed and ate a clown for breakfast.


Circus Tent Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Waltz of the Carnies Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Kinky promiscuity combined with music and art, settled in the Elder Scrolls universe.
A project, that started small and became giant-sized in the end. Every segment has its own topic, tone and feeling.
Links to the full 18+ video here on BitChute and on YouTube below.

I'm just a few weeks into editing now (kdenlive) and this was intended to be a small project for testing purpose only, but I enjoyed it so much that it grew bigger and bigger. Not perfect, but quite a good thing to start with and also a lot fun creating. I hope you enjoy it as well^^

LINKS (or just visit my channel):


Teaser (uncensored):

Teaser (censored):

Preview (uncensored):

Preview (censored):

Release Trailer uncensored):

Release Trailer (censored):

SKIMPYRIM FINAL (uncensored):


SKIMPYRIM FINAL (uncensored): (unlisted - on my main channel) (listed - on my 2nd channel)

Credits go to Rudeskills for the track I used in this trailer. Visit his channel, if you like it:

Eroticism combined with music and art, settled in the Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) universe.
This is just a very small segment of the whole project, that will be uploaded soon. Way more explicit, uncensored and marked NSFW.
Consider this an innocent and short appetizer. ;-)
More infos in the coming trailer.
(There're also uncensored versions of the already released teaser and this preview available here on BitChute)

The song is Red Light District by Solid
Visit Nocopyright ElectroSwing, if you like it:

Material from my naughty and filthy Skyrim playthrough some years back, that I rediscovered. It's only a teaser for a huge project, combining eroticism, music and art. More will be uploaded VERY soon.

The music is a free use beat by Beat City 420. If you like it, just visit the channel and drop one:

The only remaining material I have from my lost settlement, which I put together in this slideshow. It got really messed up after reinstalling the game and mods (some weren't available any longer, others were updated).

I completely rebuilt it later, with many, many enhancements. Also watch the other video on my channel for a full tour, if you like.

Music: No Turning Back by Nuttkase

Due to some issues with mods (after reinstalling and updating) I had and wanted to rebuild Sanctuary from scratch. This is my personal "magnum opus" (haha^^) so far, but with some compromises for game stability.

The new build is pretty close to the old one, but with many improvements, as you see in the other video (the slideshow).
Close to breaking the game, again? Hell yeah!
More decoration would've been nice, but...
Bugthesda never changes ;-)

Oh, and in case you wonder where the other two Sanctuaries are: call that dark and lonely place gaming nirvana or phantom zone (just for testing with other characters). Food for the gods, huh?!

Aaand finally some shout outs to Karlos with the K for all his amazing Fallout 4 streams, that I appreciate a lot, and also for pushing me to make this video. Thanks, man :-)

I rediscovered some old vids on my external hard disc drive.
Warning, unedited and in poor quality!


- Dead Space 2 (?)
- Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
- Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
- Crysis 2
- Fallout 3
- Mass Effect 1
- Tekken 2
- Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements

Sometimes it happens after fast travelling, that the player gets directly teleported to his destined fast travel point without being able to interact with anything. Usually it only lasts seconds. This was the most prolongued "OBE" I had in this game so far.

"Complicated, limited and challenging"? He only forgot to say "hilarious" and "bug"! XD


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Hey friends! :-)

I'm just a gamer and make videos for fun and to share some of my experiences with you, if you're interested.

Game related stuff like bugs, settlements, mods and other things.
For the most part it will be rated normal (13+), but some other vids will also be NSFW.

This started as a backup for videos from my two small YouTube channels, but became my main channel.

The older vids are merely raw material, but I began editing some time ago (first steps with Upload Studio on Xbox One and now the real thing with kdenlive on my Ubuntu PC and also SHAREfactory on PS4). So, the newer ones are a bit more professional and longer (more material taken together in one). I still have a lot to learn about editing, though.

Oh, and if you wanna use my videos to create your own content:
Feel free to do so, but credit me as Kickshaw D.

Thanks for your interest, for watching and see ya ;-)