Bombastic activity in the towers of flm gago Enterprises!
Iina iniwan Ang anak para sumama Kay Mangusin nagmumura..?
Norman walking on the streets was waiting on o o what is next?

Lies can not hide in the presence of truth!

Nature's way to solve issues is to get rid of the problems and keep the goodness of nature. Humans are killing nature for over 2000 years now we must change before nature gets rid of us. Join now

Ito po Yong bakla na tinakbo Yong bag ko dito sa munomento buti nalang nahuli agad siya Ng mga taong bayad


Creation, garden of Eden - lemuria - maharlika "Philippines"
Philippines arena is the world's largest coliseum under one roof! The Philippines arena is also and make a left that represents Baal worship. The Inc was manifested into existence a hundred and fourteen years ago by the oligarchy for such a time as this 2019! Religion history commerce social systems all created by the oligarchs to engage humanity in hypocrisy. We are approaching the Ascension. Most of you know this time as the millennial reign one thousand years. Remember the letter m in the palm of your hand? Why do I push so hard?
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Who do you think wrote engineered manipulated and rendered prophecy for humanity to live in fear based on Noble lies? Do you know who the Father in heaven is? Do you know who Jesus really is? Do you understand that the god of Babylon is actually Molech? Do you even give a s***? Do you care to be in this world and not of it? Or do you plan to jump off the cliff like all the other willing flock of this world by this world having sold their soul to the generational curse of hypocrisy known as religion? Don't you know that Jesus Christ is not God he is your savior your Messiah that is all? Jesus is your elder brother we are all joint heirs with the father! All of you better wake up you reprobate minded lives and reason together be in this world and not of it.

GaGo dome?
Building a dam building in Jesus name? Jesus will not care about your worldly church building. What you could have done for the people with all that money. All churches are money whores. GaGo servants of Oligarchy Vatican babalyon.

Sen Pig Face speaks volumes of GaGo ignorant lies. When will we rise above our enemy? Join now

Beyond BPO! Live life on the higher side. Join now
Make viral share na share!
Beyond social networking.

Worldwide human emergency happening now and you must respond to this cry for action now! Join now

Is your down with dengue? Medical researchers in Spain are claiming that the dengue virus is now spread through sex.
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Art of war is a best selling book!
War against art is the Oligarchy version of destroying our lives. Open your mind now and respond or we will see "New world order" in less than 2 months! Join now

America is a fked up nation of fools. There is not one unified group of Americans that has the wisdom or heart to speak to the population of the USA and cultivate reasoning. This is why the USA will become a 3rd world slave nation very soon. Join now

The only thing that will save the world is you! Over 2000 years humanity has been victimized by the lies of oligarchy and romantic religion. by now we should realize we have all created a death sentence for ourselves by accepting the generational curse of hypocrisy which makes us hypocrites. When are you as a human going to be morally honest with yourself and stand up with courage and command the leaders of the world to serve humanity? When are you going to take responsibility for your evil hypocrisy rooted and grounded in antithesis doctrines? When are you going to have a higher value for your fellow mankind than you do your precious Fiat fake currency called money? Millions of Christians celebrate the promise that the wealth of the wicked is held and stored up for the just! Read the words carefully wealth of the wicked only will be given to the just. most all Christians live by bread alone because the deeds and actions of their life or dedicated to the servitude of a worldly system of Hippocratic ignorance predicated on your membership to congregations economic value systems and ideologies that are based on ignorance. It is time now for us to all stand up and be responsible for our actions. Why are you living in hell waiting for heaven to establish itself in your soul? As a human with a big mouth you should close your mouth open your ears and your eyes your mind than your heart and take responsibility for your actions. Join us now and be a part of the just

When will we reason together? We see the signs of the times in our face. We all know that change is about to attack our lifestyle. Worldwide the major problem is human hypocrisy creates Hippocrates. People helping people will become the fastest growing business in the world. When our father's creation faces reality and takes responsibility we will establish our father's business. The wealth of the wicked is the fruit of hypocrisy. I am the just and I am not a hypocrite are you? Join me now

Lea Navarro what is your problem? Tatay Digong dose not control the earth vibrator! Quiboloy said he controls the earth vibrator. Stop na stop... Join now

So many hypocrites serving an evil holiday and living as hypocrites! Join us now

Oligarchy created racism and division in humanity. Open your brain about truth. Join now

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End will be what looks like the End of war and peaceful smooth sailing Worldwide. Hahaha is a stage act and most humans are blind! Washington DC lie's. The USD is fake. USD is worse than plastic. Watch and invest in HUMAN service and forgiveness. We must unite and take a path of "Reconciliation". Not follow the Evil of the world. Video mirror with all reference links:
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Judgment by: "FIRE"
Fire happening now worldwide and all of you do not even care.
In your face truth and you still live an oligarch slave lie.
Your bible written by Oligarchy.
Your life engineered by Oligarchy.
Your history written by Oligarchy.
Why? To keep all of you living a lie.
Only the truth can set humanity free.
Jesus will not save humanity.
Humanity must save itself.
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Open your brain weekend! Join now

Who will the political lawless GaGo blame for this human suffering? I do not care if squatting banjo or sleeping in the streets. The Philippines and it's people will not be blessed until you bring rule of law to all equal. When will all of you serve and love each other? Join now


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