Sinundan ako ng DDS at BBM at OFW sa buong mundo at nagustuhan ko ang aking post sa loob ng 3 taon at karamihan ay hindi alam kung ano ang sinasabi ko! Tanging katotohanan ang magpapalaya sa atin. Sumali sa akin ngayon

Ang sangkatauhan ay may malaking problema! Ang mundo at uniberso ay nagbabago at ang sangkatauhan ay hindi rin nagbabago. Dapat nating pag-ibayuhin ang positibong enerhiya ng puso bago ang mga tao ay naghihirap mula sa mga pagbabago sa pangunahing lupa at uniberso. Ang oligarkiya ay kasangkot sa araw-araw na panatilihin ang iyong puso at isip ang layo mula sa katotohanan at pag-ibig at kaligayahan. Ang pagpapatawad ng pagkakaisa ay ang pinakamakapangyarihang kasunduan na nagreresulta sa pagmamahal at tunay na pagbabago! Join me now

In the twinkling of an eye! Join now

Hontiveros we all challenge you and all public place of the Philippines to establish rule of law! Stop bias media lie's. Stop following the order of yellow black propaganda lies to cause lies to shade the positive reality of Tatay Digong presidency.
“I challenge the president to follow to the letter the very law he signed and set an example not only as a law-abiding citizen but as a leader who respects everyone,” Hontiveros, the measure’s author, said Wednesday.
Hontiveros how about we all serve the children and all be honest and break the lawlessness together by being honorable?
Thank you so much Hontiveros..

Humanity is the only change the universe needs to be heavenly again. Join now

We must not allow our left hand to know what our right hand is doing!
I must develop a round table of advisers! Join now

Once in a lifetime will a man like me interview a man of honor live for over an hour! Atty Glenn Chong before the election did an interview in English exposing the truth about the murder of his best friend and right hand man! This interview touched my life to know that truth is 9 years Atty Glenn Chong exposed and investigated Smartmatic and Comlec as well as the corrupt PNP group that murdered his best friend! Wow now Sir after 2019 comlec and smartmatic stopped you and Ma'am Mocha from winning we still see our action and honor! Millions of people worldwide love you, Sir and From My heart and our heart!
"Happy Birthday Atty Glenn Chong"

3 steps to save a fool!
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Duterte warns of ‘very dangerous times’ ahead for PH? Join now learn real truth

ROI? Human Value Or Greed Of Money? Join us now for human value

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal?
Hahaha do all of you know what a carnal mind is?
Carnal Mind: adjective. pertaining to or characterized by the flesh or the body, its passions and appetites; sensual: carnal pleasures. not spiritual; merely human; temporal; worldly: a man of secular, rather carnal, leanings.
Now all of you will be judged for being plastic! You will bring down DU30 with your own plastic carnal lives!
Join a real site now

Bias Media has trillions budget for lies!
Truth Media has ZERO budget for truth!
Join me now and help me help you!

Only if you open your eyes and mind will your heart be transformed! Join a real group of people

World Star Angry PNP? Make viral hold each other accountable for peaceful life with each other. Mr: PNP you are a public servant! Join now

Our Father In Heaven Will Not Save Humanity! Join now

Is your brain open or closed?
Join a open brain site

7.5 billion humans worldwide are under control of money and oligarchy! Join now as we Rev Gov Our Life!

We Are One! People Helping people.
Budget to smash "Black Propaganda"
Scope of project: Produce many short media clips for worldwide syndication that will support all the positive changes that truth and accountability have afforded the people of the Philippines! Bias Media is well funded to the tune of millions per month to destroy the positive image of President Duterte. We must do our part to counter act all the Negative Propaganda. Click the link and be a part of real change. Social-Live will syndicate media weekly until we have a worldwide response.


Killing me softly?
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Drama and Gossip is killing humanity! Join now

AFP serves the US DOD!
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What rights do humans truly have? Join now


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