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Revelation 3 .....The church of Philadelphia

Psalms 100

Message from Romans 1:18-31

Psalm 115

Romans 13

Mark 9

Matthew 4

Ordination Service for Elder Pastor Jacob Wright

Message from Matthew 6. The believer's role in fasting.

Scripture Matthew 5

Message from John 3:16

Scripture John 3

Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke 2

Message from Psalm 100

message from John 17......If you want true revival, then the revival begins with each of us.

Message from Luke 16


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Oak Grove Bible Fellowship is a Christ-centered, non-denominational church in Bullard, TX. We believe in teaching and preaching from the word of God. We strive to be the Acts 2 church that was originally set up to be led not by one pastor, but by a plurality of Elders.