RA1 + Renegade = A Path Beyond

In a surprising turn of events, a Russian strike force has managed to capture a PsiCorps Pandora Hub after the Psychic Beacon controlling them was sabotaged. A prototype of a new mobile mind control device is deployed to retake the complex.

Yuri's Message: "As the saying goes, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, and the Soviets are intent on depriving us of our best minds. They have begun to devote more time and resources into combating our Adepts, and as a result they have been falling on the battlefield in great numbers. This has prompted me to look into new methods of mobile persuasion.

In Romania, we've set up a research facility that was developing this new brain on wheels of ours, the "Mastermind", a machine that would be able to mind-control several units at once. Unfortunately, it would seem a designated task force sabotaged the Psychic Beacon that was controlling a local Soviet Base, and the Soviets there, now freed from our control, have seized our research facility and destroyed almost all of the Mastermind prototypes. One, however, managed to escape and hide itself away.

Proselyte, you will command the first of our Masterminds into battle. Utilize it to recapture our facility. It is of utmost importance that the Pandora Hub remains standing, for without it, we will be unable to continue our research. When the facility is recaptured, assemble an army and lay waste to the Soviets in the area. Make the Psychic Beacon obsolete."

Objective 1: Recapture the ConYard to regain control over the base.
Objective 2: Destroy the Soviet bases.
Objective 3: Protect the Pandora Hub.
Objective 4: Mastermind must survive until the base is recaptured.

As Morales becomes a target of Yuri's assassination squads, he sends out a distress signal from Rio de Janeiro to what's left of the main Soviet Command in America. The Soviets deploy a limited taskforce to protect and evacuate him from the site.

Comrade, the situation's dire. Yuri has returned with an army he has christened the Epsilon and attacked us at our most important locations with his new powerful weapons. The capital's lost. The Premier is dead. High Command has perished. We must quickly gather the best of our forces if we want to strike back. Amidst the chaos, we have received word from Morales, who has been active in South America, looking into his suspicions of the enemy establishing a foothold there. He claims, after the war has ended, the death of Boris has gotten to his head, stopping him from finding anything for a while, but he was finally able to track down Yuri's forces to Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, Morales has found himself cornered by Yuri's forces, and only recently were we able to pick up a distress signal.

Yuri is most likely targeting specific key operatives and leaders such as Morales, leaving them to the same fate as Boris. We cannot permit this to happen again. We have dispatched a small force to rescue Morales, but it appears that they, too, have been surrounded by Yuri's forces. We will have to rely upon our advanced X-Migs and fulton surface-to-air recovery system to evacuate him to safety, but we have to prepare them first.

One last thing before you go, though. In his brief report, Morales also mentioned that he was witness to bizarre experiments on local population involving the use of Cloning Vats. Perhaps you may see fit to disrupt these experiments before Yuri gives us another nasty surprise.

Objective 1: Protect Morales until the evac route is prepared.
Objective 2: Destroy all PsiCorps' Cloning Vats.

Reports indicate Yuri's forces have managed to use his mind control to take over an Allied research facility run by the Soviets. The Russians have managed to complete the Allied prototype for the specialized Barracuda jet which the Allies intend to take back.

Before it was overtaken by the Soviets during the war, we had a research facility in Norway that was working on a highly experimental fighter jet that would allow us to do precision strikes on enemy installations while being practically unseen. Unfortunately the project, codenamed "Barracuda", was lost when the Soviets took control of the base.. and said base has now fallen into the hands of Yuri. If his technicians are able to assemble and complete the prototype, enhanced with his diabolical technology, it could spell certain doom for the Gladius System defending the English Channel, easily outmaneuvering the Aegis Cruisers and Thors defending it. Needless to say, we could make great use of the "Barracuda" project ourselves.

We'll be dropping a significant-sized strike force to recapture that facility. Once it's back in our hands, quickly get to work on intercepting the convoys that are transporting the technology. Yuri's forces want to take them underground through tunnel entrances and by then they'll be out of our reach and we'll lose our chance at reclaiming the prototype, as well as ensuring the survival of the London Fortress. We don't know where they're coming from or where the tunnel entrances are, so you'll have to perform reconnaissance on your own.

Objective 1: Intercept all of Yuri's Kamaz trucks carrying stolen tech.




The forces of Latin Confederation managed to keep a site of Cloning Vats intact and working. To prove how powerless they are without Yuri's scientific aid, PsiCorps intends to take the Vats back and put the next stage of their genetic technology into action.

Yuri's Message: "And so they begin to fall like dominoes. With their High Command finally gone, the entirety of Russia has begun scrambling to reinforce their positions, and have undertaken massive redeployment operations around the world. It is of no concern, though, for nothing will stop their eventual demise. However, there is an element in play that you must deal with.

After their invasion of Western Europe, the Latin Confederation set up bases in Spain, and now that Moscow has fallen they seem to be preparing a power play of their own to assume control of the Western European theatre. They hope to achieve such lofty goals with the use of their.. our cloning facilities in Zaragoza. Hacking into the Soviet technology database was not enough it seems, we must remove the last vestige of my creations from their arsenal.

Taking back control of the cloning facility is just the first step, though. The Infiltrators that we are sending in carry my latest advancements in genetic manipulation, researched on the physically capable prisoners of Alcatraz Island: the Terranova Virus. Get one of our agents into the facility, and you will witness firsthand what the Terranova Virus has in store. Good luck, Proselyte. Take back what is ours and leave noone[sic] alive."

Objective 1: Infiltrate the Cloning Vats to infect it with a genevirus.
Objective 2: Defend the Cloning Vats and crush the Soviet production.
Objective 3: Follow any further instructions.

The uprising against the Soviet dominion continues but events take an unexpected turn and don't leave the Red Army with too many choices. Two brave Soviet colonels arrive on the battlefield to save the situation.

There's no time to explain. You must survive and get out from the city.

The two Colonels who were sent to collect you must not be killed, they are the key to your survival.

Objective: Run.

Yuri returns from the dark and resumes the Psychic Amplifier project by constructing a device which threatens the safety of the London Fortress of Euro Alliance. Shortly after her recovery, Special Agent Tanya is dispatched to support the counter attack.

Our intelligence department has figured out the cause of the Soviet activity: it seems that Yuri has gone rogue and is attacking Soviet bases across the globe with his own forces, who call themselves the Epsilon Army. As Moscow was sieged by them, with Romanov got killed in the process. It would appear that our reports about the continued cooperation between the PsiCorps and the Russians were faulty and Yuri performed actions to uphold an illusion of the Soviets still having access to mind control. For some reason he has also captured new Topol-M platforms that we believe Russia used to scare the Chinese with. We are almost certain they have not restored their resources required for MIDAS production after our attack on Sakhalin and only one more bomb exists at most. Perhaps he wants to keep the Chinese from intervening as well.

All of this presents a problem though - with the Soviets no longer in the seat of power they had maintained and Yuri's forces on the move as they are, our plans for the Paradox Project just might be in grave danger. What doesn't help the matters is that Yuri has resumed his infernal Psychic Amplifier project, and has constructed one in Rome, alongside several individual Psychic Beacons all across Europe. If it is allowed to go online, it could spell disaster for the London Fortress, as they'll be able to conquer it without ever setting foot on the island itself. A local base has been taken by a Psychic Beacon, but if we can capture it then the base should return back to us. Keep the Beacon intact to protect our forces from the effects of the Amplifier.

Objective 1: Destroy the Psychic Amplifier.
Objective 2: Destroy the enemy bases.

Finale, Chapter 6-3, Bridge Deck

Chapter 6-2, Main Deck

Chapter 6-1, Ship Deck

Chapter 5-3, Uroboros Research Facility

Chapter 5-2, Experimental Facility


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