More evidence that the Bible was authored by elite criminals and promotes their control and exploit agenda. This analysis focuses on the Book of Revelation and also makes plenty of connections between our media and the Bible, and between the liars in power in this world and the authors of the Bible.

A thorough discussion of what's killing Canadians. Today's Stop BS News show was greatly enhanced by a citizen reporter who bravely set foot in that COVID-19 warzone known in military code as Sleepyville, but better known as Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Our reporter was brave enough to visit the frontlines and, shockingly, he even crossed into enemy territory and visited several enemy outposts and bases. Many thanks to our brave reporter.

A historical, verbal and facial analysis of the current Prime Minister of Canada.

The Stop BS News host and his guest commentator Sir Peter Rabbit analyze the words spoken by Canada's Chief Public Health Officer.

Another enlightening show as your host at Stop BS News interviews Peter Rabbit on the subject of COVID-19

The Prophet of Fiction examines evidence in the Bible and in COVID-19 of Masonic, Satanic, and plain-old psychopathic origins.

Everything You Think You Know About Chekhov (and more) Is Wrong

The Prophet of Fiction draws meaningful links between O. Henry's short stories, "The Gift of the Magi" and "The Last Leaf," and the COVID-19 superdrama.

The Prophet of Fiction explains why Huxley's Brave New World is not worth reading and has no solutions for our own Cowardly and Ignorant New World.

The Prophet of Fiction explains why Huxley's Brave New World is not worth reading and has no solutions for our own Cowardly and Ignorant New World.

Deep analysis of Edgar Allen Poe's works, with a focus on "The Masque of the Red Death," with links to the current COVID-19 Masquerade

A quick look at how teachers are miseducated, why anarchism is ignored, and why The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is misunderstood.

Green Prophet and Master Peter treat the now-infamous 2010 Rockefeller paper as if it were a student's submission of an essay. Not surprisingly, it does not fare well.

Short discussion of the fact that students are required to do science experiments and provide proofs and citations in their essays, while government and the media rarely even try to substantiate claims about viruses, masks and related policies, and when they do, as U.S. Surgeon General did, their sources do not even discuss their claims.

The Prophet of Fiction exposes the unscientific basis of the mainstream media's coronavirus claims and reveals that this unscientific trend has its origins in the father of western medicine, Hippocrates.

Who thinks great fiction can't be about food and medicine? Why wouldn't a serious American humorist, a satirist, if you will, make serious fun of America's terrible addiction to bad food and bad medicine? He wouldn't miss the chance--however politically incorrect it might seem. Mark Twain wanted to be a good mother, nay, a good doctor for all Americans.

Is Paulo Coelho's a 'inspiring' spiritual tale or it is a masterpiece of irony that mocks its millions of superficial, wishful readers?

Fahrenheit 451 cannot be taught in schools because it is anti-school. This is not a moral issue; this is the meaning of the text. Moreover, F45 is combustible and revolutionary. It condemns technology and spells doom for civilization--as it should, for a better world awaits its creation.

The Prophet of Literature explains why Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado" is prophetic and especially meaningful during this ongoing corona-drama.

Another show that proves literature is more relevant than ever and that even a short story about a charlatan provides the basis for a devastating critique of our world.

More revelations about this great American novel that will not be heard in classrooms and lecture halls.

Another uncensored discussion of what your teachers and professors overlook; this time, the fact that Harper's protagonists include rebellious adults and that one of her antagonists is the Useless Government

Artist and author Peter Dudink explains how Shakespeare's so-called tragic-romance is actually propaganda that hypocritically mocks and degrades Italy's religion, culture and people. The accompanying pictures, including original art work, are meant to emphasize topics addressed in the lecture and to draw more parallels and contrasts between Shakespeare's grotesque fiction and historical and psychological reality.

Author Peter Dudink reveals that the common claim that Macbeth is a tragic hero is nonsense, implicates W. Shakespeare in the atrocities committed against so-called witches, and exposes the Macbeth story for being a whitewashing of England's conquest of Scotland -- a whitewashing accomplished, in part, by blackwashing or portraying Scotland's rulers, Duncan and Macbeth, as a dunce and a bloody tyrant respectively. The video's visuals highlight how Shakespeaere's whitewashing and blackwashing is paralleled in modern times by the U.S. media and and government – which blackwash or demonize any leader of any country that American leaders wish to destroy or control, and which censor the truth and the atrocities the U.S. military commits abroad.

Author Peter Dudink explains why no one should read or watch William Shakespeare's Hamlet, arguing that it functioned only to distract England's corrupt ruling class, just as it now distracts (from reality) millions of children in classrooms and fans in theaters around the world. This lecture will highlight how Hamlet was actually an exercise in British-Anglican snobbery and hypocrisy towards the Danish royal court. It also explains that Hamlet's mysterious behavior is a simple death wish. The pictures assembled for this lecture highlight the parallels between Hamlet's death wish and our collective death wish as well as the parallels between the insane royal court depicted in Hamlet and the insane American media circus and political theater.


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