In this talk we discuss and show evidence for who is the New World Order, and take a closer look at Bill Gates and Microsoft and Big Pharma, Zuckerberg and his ties to the CIA, Google/YouTube and the relationship with DARPA and the Department of Defense, as well as Soros, Bebos and the other billionaires who are running the nation. This lecture goes into the dark side too, human trafficing, adrenochrome, Satanism and "the Sign of the Beast."

The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy serves as a excellent example how the New World Order works and who is behind it. This lecture contains more information on the assassination and the coup than has been shared previously, based new information from Freedom of Information and the work of hundreds of researchers. We know who shot Kennedy, we have names of four shooters and know who was behind it and why they shot him. It was an inside job. Just listen and see for yourself. Every American needs to know this. Pass it on.

In this forth lecture we cover history of the Illuminati and elites who are working towards a one world government which they control. Here we will follow the history of this group and the evolution of it throughout history to the present day.

This second talk on the New World Order focuses on it's historical development and role of World Bank and UN in creating a one world government. Based on Steven Sadleir's experience in banking and on his book Money & Power, the Secret History.

This class introduces the New World Order: What it is, who is behind it and how it is unfolding now. Drawn from Steven Sadleir's work in economics and banking, and based on his book Money & Power, the Secret History.


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Discussions on the New World Order, one world government, central banking, politics, intelligence, CIA and their affect on society, politics, economics, religion and our state of well being. From the illuminati, Masons and conspiracy theories to Corona virus, 5G, Black Lives Matter and chipping, to the role of Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Bebos, Soros, Rothschild, Epstein, and numerous presidents, we discuss what is happening right now.

These talks are low on opinions and high on facts and resources. Here we are trying to provide the information that is being omitting, distorted or denied in the media and explain why.

Steven S. Sadleir received an MA in Financial Economics from the University of Wales, UK, on a Rotary Scholarship, worked for the US Government at the East-West Center, then at Lloyds Bank and then investment banking and fund management. He is also a kundalini master, Director of the Self Awareness Institute, best-selling author, host of Enlightenment Radio.