Just did a twitter search on @prayingmedic from November 2009 with only the word "Dream" in it to see if there were any I could verify that came true. Well I found one dream from April 25th 2011 where he said "HAD A DREAM: I ADVISED PEOPLE TO INVEST ALL THEIR MONEY IN SILVER". This Praying Medic guy is funny. He could not have picked the WORST DAY to get into silver as it hit its ALL TIME HIGH on April 25th 2011 just over $49 per ounce before it crashed badly. I am hearing that this guy had a bankruptcy and I will be very interested to see if his bankruptcy came AFTER his April 25th 2011 INVEST IN SILVER WITH ALL YOUR MONEY RECOMMENDATION where he may have taken his own advice and invested/borrowed money to buy as much silver as he could right when it was at its ALL TIME HIGH of $49 per ounce and about to crash! LOL!

His SILVER TWEET where he recommended people in his dream to INVEST ALL THEIR MONEY in SILVER!!

A 20-year SILVER CHART. Note he advised people in his dream to invest in SILVER with all their money on the DAY Silver reached its ALL TIME HIGH of $49 per ounce on April 25th 2011. So the HIGHEST point on this SILVER CHART.

My 5 minutes TIMED OUT but I was going to put in a small clip of the Anonymous finding out that one JEROME ROBERT CORSI was the identity behind the Twitter handle "QANON76" with 51K followers pushing the Qanon BS. The 76 reference is probably in reference to the Alex Jones saying "The answer to 1984 is 1776!!". Seems that twitter account QANON76 was quickly taken down once the identity behind it was found out and made public. The Qanon fraudsters made lots of early posts containing material from Jerome Corsi's new book "Killing the Deep-state" and Corsi admitted this back in December which is what drew him in to cover the Qanon posts along with a WHITEHOUSE insider he said that told him to cover Qanon. Lionel is a smart guy and although I was completely shocked when he came out the next day after the May 11th Jones/Corsi Reddit hitpiece in complete support of an anonymous 8Chan poster named Q. I now look back and believe Lionel was let in on the Q-HOAX by Corsi (and possibly Jones?) and to continue to push the Q-Hoax in support of President Trump. Maybe Corsi and Lionel believe pushing Qanon is a good thing for Trump and the midterm elections or just in it for the subscribers/donations$?

2nd BAKER REVEAL email on August 8th talking about Jerome Corsi's continued involvement with the Q-fraudsters.


Michael Lebron (AKA Lionel) law firm webpage

Jerome Corsi has always said his emails that got hacked in April were not his emails but I certainly don't believe anything he says as it is all about covering his ass. https://pastebin.com/dTgNjMju

1:57 Julian Assange steals Hillary Clinton's EMAILS bag and then she chases him.

A trip down memory lane (June 11th) of another BIG FAT NOTHING BURGER from the Q-PUSHERS. Luckily for the Q-Pushers, their Q-Followers have the memory of a GOLDFISH so they can continue with the LARPING SCAM forever....

Viewer discretion is advised. This is a 2007 movie where his role name is listed as "Ikiguy" as he plays a PEDOPHILE/CHILD KILLER. SUPER CREEPY!!!

It is weird to see him play this part while he is now online NAMING NAMES of Pedophiles in Hollywood with no real evidence to support his claims.

Things that remind me of Qanon postings: "Trust Sessions" it is all an act and he is secretly working on indictments behind the scenes? October 30th 2017 tweet:

"Becareful who you follow?" June 25th 2016 tweet

There are no coincidences. Tweet from Dec 4th 2016

Japanese Translator to english for 封|量子

We go back and check out some of the past TWEETS from our little Qanon friend "QUANTUM-PACKS" and we find he was FEELING THE BERN with Bernie Sanders and then supported Green Party Candidate Jill Stein. He is also a big believer in the RA MATERIAL or "LAW of ONE" channeling material.

Doesn't look like he has his GAB account anymore? https://v2.gab.ai/search/qntmpkts March 15th 2016 FEEL THE BERN!!
https://twitter.com/qntmpkts/status/709943430537830400 April 27th 2016 Live under the Dystopia of Trump or Clinton #FASCISM
https://twitter.com/qntmpkts/status/725330430354817024 June 8th 2016 (Vote for Jill Stein)
https://twitter.com/qntmpkts/status/740719512933142532 June 6th "BERNIE OR BUST"
https://twitter.com/i/web/status/995374924465426433 James Brower's twitter account got SUSPENDED for some reason.
https://twitter.com/account/suspended @JB042312 Here is James Brower's GAB account for anyone interested. His gab only goes back 9 days from the time he got suspended from twitter.

And here is the GAB account for @Microchip.

My "LORD OF THE RINGS" analogy of the entire online Q-FRAUD:

Saruman= Q-Fraudsters (The Q-insiders$$).

Grima Wormtongue= Online Q-Propaganda Pushers (witting and unwitting accomplices of the Q-Fraudsters$$).

King Theoden= MAGA Trump supporters who believe "Q is REAL" and go to Trump Rallies and embarrass us :0

Gandalf= All of us Q-Debunkers trying to wake up the MAGA Q-Believers from their Q-hypnosis before the midterm elections.

August 22nd 2018
I had to put in the CIRCUS THEME MUSIC just to set the tone for this entire interview as Comedy Central did NOT disappoint. It is now obvious to me that the MILE HIGH PODCAST guy is our SECRET WEAPON against the Qanon Fraudster. He is a priceless gem! He is like an atomic bomb inside the belly of the Qanon beast as he talks and shares his RESEARCH!

August 21st 2018
Here is the original May 16th ARCHIVED PAGE (archived on May 22nd) REDDIT MESSAGE BOARD posts where SERIALBRAIN2 had posted as the second comment immediately after LibertyLioness (AKA Ginger Coleen (Another internet marketer)).

Here is the same REDDIT MESSAGE BOARD where SERIALBRAIN2 has mysteriously DELETED his post (as it looked too obvious that he is Qanon as well). Receives LibertyLioness "WE ARE Q" picture and likes it and immediately Qanon posts it to post#1390

August 21st 2018
Meet Kevin Trudeau ..Ahem.. I mean Praying Medic and he will teach you for only $45 how to heal people through just COMMANDING IT!!
You got to love the INFOMERCIAL!!
These Q-Frauds sure have a strange idea of what CAPITALISM is. Instead of selling you a product or service that you want they sell you nothing but hot air [email protected] with a smile on their face!

August 20th 2018
Here is Jordan Sather's November 4th 2017 video on James Brower as the alleged "Q".

Here is James Brower on INFOWARS back on October 6th 2017

August 20th
This is from Mark Bunkers Scientology YT channel where he was at a Scientology street event on July 1999. Here is Mark Bunkers YT Channel:

Notice the mindless name calling from the Scientology Cult members as they don't have any arguments but have to resort to phony accusations and accuse the man of wife beating and pedophilia, and insist that he must be hiding a crime to dare to speak out against the Church of Scientology. CULT MENTALITY!!

August 18th 2018

This is Pamphlet Anon from the Patriot Soapbox and one of the main people pushing the Q-Fraud.
The Patriot Soapbox videos were taken from YOUTUBE CHANNEL "GLOW".

August 17th
This is what happens when you fully believe in a LARP and are emotionally attached to it. SGT as well. I should say I love HOPE PORN as much as the next person but these people live in it.

August 15th 2018

NBC: How three conspiracy theorists took 'Q' and sparked Qanon

Jacks 15 minute rant on twitter. August 13th. Cut out at 11-minute mark. https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/stat...

I see this JB being retweeted by Jack to do with the Q-Stuff (sounds like the original Q insider) and gives the August 20th date and Jack responds to his tweet with "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM" so maybe this is the date he plans to release his information on his Q-investigation?

This JB seems to be connected to this original "Q" stuff as Jack is retweeting him a lot lately in relation to Q and they keep saying August 20th is the big day. https://twitter.com/JB042312/status/1029070836492320769

Published on Bitchute on August 13th 2018

Here is the LINK that the Q-hacker left for the Q-Believers on 8Chan in regards to the legitimacy of the anonymous 8Chan poster known as Qanon.

He also gives the fake Qanon advice on how passwords work on 8Chan and no military intelligence would do that and who Q-Clearance Dept of Energy is designated for and what they are NOT experts in.

Here is the RIPOFF REPORT as anyone can put in a complaint about you online. Scroll down and see all the related reports in red on the left hand side including the companies he has owned:

His personal classical composer website

Another twitter account of his

Defango steemit post about him

2009 California court case as the Defendant

This guy sounds like the main Qanon guy. A CONMAN and PATHOLOGICAL LIAR out for MONEY$$$$.

Jack Posobiec: Massive "Q-GROUP" data leak ahead of Posobiec report.

Originally published on YOUTUBE on August 9th 2018

Pull up DJT tweets with approximate [0], [5], [10], etc markers

Originally published on YOUTUBE on August 8th 2018

Baker Reveal Email#2- August 8th 2018

In the Baker Reveal Email#2 the talk about the connection to the BROWNS who made the Q-APP- Remember that story HERE:

Baker Reveal email 1st (May 6th 2018)

Originally published on YOUTUBE on August 8th2018


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