Chabad and Covid

We know why you are doing this.

Clips from my suspended twitter account featuring a banned YouTube video from TLAV
The original 3.5 hour long TLAV video is here:
Batman and the Goy Wonder can be found on this BitChute channel or here:

It looks like the Eye of Richat is the lost city of Atlantis. The catastrophe ties in with ancient myths and also with the current cycles we are now seeing. A new age is coming which will transform Africa and the Middle East into the new grow zones. This was inspired by a video by Bright Insight. I have added a few more pieces to the puzzle. For the full story watch the other two videos that inspired this. See my blog:

Idiot at large spouting BBC propaganda. Warning this man is dangerous (although he writes a nice tune). This is less than 2min 20secs so download and tweet it out. Sharing is caring (lol)

Supporting exposition and commentaries PDF versions:

An investigation into cherubim symbology

Image of Malachi comparison table

Digression on Malachi

The witnessing in Revelation 11 from the PRITA commentary

Isaiah by Harry Whittaker read pages 510 to 520 on Isaiah chapter 59 and 60

On the website:

How can anyone rely on CNN regarding reporting on Russia?

This is where all your Russian disinformation is coming from.

Supporting exposition and commentaries PDF versions:
The Shema and Bar Kochba: the false messiah and 666, March 2018,1-9

Daniel and Temple theology, March 2018,1-4

Pattern Recognition in the Apocalypse (PRITA), Biblaridion Media, 2018, 695 pages

See the main website for the HTML version (read online):
See the blog:

Critique of World Prophecy Event: The Effect of the Pandemic One Year On (Part 1)

The shield of man

The Jewish people betrayed by their leaders.

Did the bat do it?
Proteolytic cleavage – Elevated Plasminogen as risk factor Newsweek – Fauci Gain of Function Medium SARS2 Lab Made? Covid-19 family tree on a wheel [warning, this is an automatic PDF download] Olsterholm on Rogan 20:00 minute mark Re-making COVID-19 using yeast … in a couple of weeks Collins Misses Furin Nature – Not Man Made
Professor Holmes quickly back pedaled from his original research….I wonder why?

Conspiracy theories
In the interview he puts paid to dangerous conspiracy theories that this virus was manufactured. His work with colleagues in China, published in Nature Medicine, showed that SARS-CoV-2 is a natural virus.
“When [people] see something so unusual lots of strange theories appear. But there is nothing unusual about this virus. All its components are absolutely mapped and they're all-natural ingredients,” he says.
“I'm certain it is a natural coronavirus that's come from an animal in a natural setting. There's nothing in there at all that is a signature of laboratory manipulation. I think we can safely put those conspiracy theories to bed.”

Elon Musk the Con artist. Appeared first on the Snordster Youtube channel but they keep removing it. This is a back-up just in case.

Edited clips from a recent broadcast.

A visit to the Doctor's. Removed from JewTube because they hate the truth.

Should we obey Governments if they deceive us? A Christian viewpoint

Allan Jones comments on corona Crisis
This is a screen capture so that it can be tweeted out
The original is better quality on FB
This is a backup against censorship

Alternative commentary on the ABC investigative report "The truth about 5G"
original report can be found on YouTube here:
My website will contain an article called

This is a good video but it is not mine. I had a link to it on my website but YouTube removed the video. They are a disgrace. The video was science based and did not contain misinformation. This is censorship pure and simple. There I will upload it here and place another link in my blog. I back everything up and will not be censored. STUFF Jew Tube.

Protest against mandatory vaccinations, 5G and Freedom of Speech.

You have sovereignty over you own body. See the full article:

You have sovereignty over you own body. See the full article:

You have sovereignty over you own body. See the full article:


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