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Trump's twitter was cut off at exactly 88.8 million followers. 8 is the number of infinity. At exactly 9:11am CST on 1/11/2021, the price of 1 BTC was EXACTLY $33,000.00. To the PENNY. I captured the screenshot myself miraculously (or maybe that's just how the MATRIX works). The screenshot is on my Instagram shtrawberry_shtreet

Anywho. Peace.

UPDATE: I just realized that it was archived at 88.8 million. However, anyone who was able to screenshot the account after his suspension showed it at 88.7 million. Isn't that interesting. 7 is the perfect number. Which means the plan will FAIL!!!!!!!

The Planned Strong Delusion (It All Comes Together In the End) video is here

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open up your ears throw away the fear, open up your eyes youll find this place aint how it appears everything that you heard is a lie since you was 5 they feedin your mind & horace's eye is leading the blind into they demise they breathing to die, yahh
this is the matrix they designed it with hatred, they want us in cages yo so in our brain they have placed it. are you feelin enraged yet? nah you sleep in the basement. its time to wake up and get prayed up stop playing living complacent yahh
christianity casting a spell, vatican protestants preaching it well. all of the sheep have fallin asleep a lawless lullaby keeping you weak, you wanna know God the law is the key, knock on the door he opens it free, walk in the law you finally free from satan and christianity.

they tellin you lies, tellin you lies tellin you lies yeah
deep down inside you know its a lie so sever the ties yeah
open your eyes open your mind and see what you find yeah
evilest time believin the lies they keepin you blind yeah
thief in the night to come get the bride we ready to ride yeah
we ready to ride yeah we even be ready to die yeah
tellin you lies yeah, they tellin you lies yeah
you know its a lie so go get the knife and sever the ties yeah


this world aint what it seems ,nah these fallacies sold as dreams,yahh the masons they bow to the owl and they be on the prowl wit they wicked schemes
satanism woven into the seems the fabric of everything be careful what you esteem paganism at the core is a theme pushed to thee extreme
livin where cash is king, true history they been erasin lacing with fiction they been replacin, do the knowledge be tracin our nation debase corporation ruled by the queen, systems embracin slaves for the green @ we chasin rats racin purpose misplacin
its a trip off the rip, citizens on a ship you aint got rights its all made up to enslave ya, better behave ya ,matrix system illusions sway ya, they play ya savior, through fear they sway ya monopoly money they pay ya in debt to a bank til ya grave ya, ive what what ive said is conspiracy you can bet theyve played ya
dont care what you say even less about view, line in the sand what side do you choose, i stand with Yahuah got nothin to lose, to this worlds ways i chunk up the duece ,my kind is hated persecution ensues, this aint for those who hittin the snooze, only 4 you's whose livin in truth uncomfortable in this world this is for you.
144,000 strong

Have you ever REALLY looked at the people that rule over you?

The first 20 minutes is talking about what happened to all of the BSR social media accounts last week and a lot more.

**The remaining 2 or so hours is another video altogether. During this video, consider taking a shot every time you hear the word "execute" as related to shots. You won't make it too long into the video, but it'll take the edge off at least? :)

What better game to play at a Christmas party! Send a message to your family while also having fun! haha (now this sounds like an infomercial).

#shots #shotsdeployedandexecuted

**i wonder how many people this will offend

We need to talk about the mark of the beast. While there are countless ideas and opinions about exactly what the mark is, this is mine and I stand behind it. A ton more info can be found here.

Finally, the message we've been waiting for.


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