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We must stop them. This is a global agenda and they will eventually TAKE YOUR CHILDREN due to policies like this!

California morons in charge


From Medcram - youtube

Another in a series of medical professionals speaking out against NYC policies and hospital policies.
The deaths were CONSTANT due to inexperience and poor management.

Deaths had been marked 30x HIGHER in this case

This was never about a virus or your health.
This is about global control.
You can do ANYTHING but not resist the PLANDEMIC.

Dr. Zelenko lays out the facts as always.
I have yet to hear of any Doctor using this therapy with no succcess.
James Todaro just offered $100,000 to any Doctor to prove him wrong.

A clip from Dollar Vigilante's channel

Depressingly, Recovery is not the only trial delivering dangerously elevated doses of HCQ to Covid patients. On May 29, the Indian Council of Medical Research wrote to the WHO warning it that the HCQ dosage in the international Solidarity trial — which happens to be the same dosage as the Recovery trial — was four times greater than the dose being used in India

Watch him almost laugh at the idea that a mask would stop anything.

The FDA has sentenced you to death.

Small studies can be MORE important than large studies statistically.

The Dr. Exposes the Corruption in the Medical Field Allowing Us to Die


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YouTube is removing life saving content from Doctors.
YouTube is part of the global move against the USA.
1. Plandemic 2. Social Unrest 3. Election Fraud By Mail 4. This is a revolution