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This is Version 2 of the Love, Freedom, and the World Project Crowdfunding Project.

It has a 3 minute summary at the front, followed by more details.

The Love, Freedom, and the World Project focuses on the themes of love, beauty, joy, and freedom, centered on the omnipresence of the God of love. Its name is based on the central truth that a world of freedom requires the growth of love and God-centered ethics and values.

In a speech I gave in 2021, called "In Defense of Love and Freedom," I offered this premise:

"Love is the reason and justification for freedom. Love gives birth to freedom, and 'the Death of Love' destroys freedom. At the same time, freedom is the garden in which love can blossom."

Thus, the Love, Freedom, and the World project focuses on the internal source of freedom, not just the external attributes of freedom. With that guideline, I've produced over fifty videos during the last few years, more or less evenly divided between the themes of love, beauty, and joy on the one hand, and freedom on the other. Another way to describe them is that some are focused on spirituality, mysticism, and ethics, while others focus on freedom-oriented topics which inevitably touch on political issues and the destructive effects of totalitarianism.

I'm starting this crowdfunding effort so that I can do this mission / project full time. As we all may feel, the world is on a knife edge, with many people starving for love and with freedoms of all types under threat. I'm looking for Patrons, both large and small.

To donate and get more information, visit this web url:
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A Declaration on God and Freedom

I received this declaration in prayer and would like to share it. Here's an excerpt from the video.

When God, who created the universe, looks down at the Earth, what does He see? The God who exists outside of time and space is aware of everything and everyone. The God who embodies the concepts of infinity is so tiny that He can sit on the petal of a flower and admire a butterfly, and yet so large that He lived through every moment of the tragedies of history.

Every person, lonely and broken or filled with joy, is wrapped in the arms of the Creator of love. None can escape the attention of the omnipresent God who looks in the eyes of each human and sees the sacred light that is part of God. Nothing can separate a person's soul from the indwelling God, even when an individual has drifted into the harsh world of denial.

. . .

by Peter Falkenberg Brown
The FalkenBrown Show
The Love, Freedom, & the World Project

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God, freedom, love, spirit, mysticism, peace

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Totalitarians Caused and Committed the Three Mass Murders of Covid

The totalitarian actions surrounding COVID entirely disqualify the mainstream "COVID narrative."

There are Three Mass Murders of Covid: Making the Virus, Blocking the Cures, and Making Killer "Vaccines."

The tragic consequences of the COVID pandemic happened because of the totalitarian censorship of discussions about treatments for COVID and the subsequent totalitarian blocking of verified COVID cures. It's as simple as that.

Who is Responsible?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, most certainly. Many other "elite" bureaucrats and government leaders are also culpable. Nuremberg-like trials and enormous class-action lawsuits should be the order of the day.

We must follow the money trail and the power trail. Who has benefited from the COVID lockdowns and the push to "vaccinate the entire world"?

Was this part of the "Great Reset" and a global depopulation strategy, advanced with explicitly malevolent intentions by a global cabal?

Or was this just a crass and greedy plan to create a pandemic and then produce the vaccines that would be sold to the world at an enormous profit?

Or a combination of the two?

Whatever the genesis of the "pandemic," the guilty parties are the totalitarians at every level of society who acted against the principles of freedom.

by Peter Falkenberg Brown
The FalkenBrown Show
The Love, Freedom, & the World Project

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COVID, lockdowns, masks, vaccines, fauci, china, totalitarianism


Will Republicans Stop the 2022 Election Fraud?

by Peter Falkenberg Brown
The FalkenBrown Show
The Love, Freedom, & the World Project

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I’m a Republican. And I have questions for all the Republicans who think that Trump didn’t win the 2020 Presidential race; who think that there was no election fraud and Biden won, fair and square.

My first question is this. What do you think the Democrats and the Hard-Left would have been doing since November, 2020 if Trump had won and they thought that fraud had been committed by Republicans? Not just fraud, but the same types of fraud and the same level of fraud that have been articulated by many conservative Republicans since that date? Not just suspicions of fraud, but allegations with the same kind of evidence that has been presented since 2020?

. . .

There are just over three months until November 8, 2022. Will Republicans in power stop the election fraud of 2022 before it’s too late?

That, my friends, is the question.

Republicans, 2020 election, 2022 election, election fraud, Trump, Biden, Hard-Left Democrats

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Here's my new 18 minute short film:

"Report from Hades on the Covid Plan for World Domination"

A Satirical Presentation from World Community Films

Have you wondered what's going on with the Covid crisis, and what the end game of the Left is?

If so, this report is for you: direct from the Man from Hades, revealing the master plan and end game of the Covid Plan for World Domination.

Written, Directed, Edited, Produced, and Performed by
Peter Falkenberg Brown.

In Defense of Love and Freedom

with Peter Falkenberg Brown

This speech was given at the program
"Defending America: The Present Threats to Freedom"
on June 14, 2021 at the Windham Veterans Center in Windham, Maine.

The program was hosted by the Gray Republican Committee with a total
of 54 Cosponsors, including the Maine GOP.

The speakers included:

- Peter Falkenberg Brown, Chair of the Gray Republican Committee

- Dr. Dana Cheng, Senior Editor of China News at the Epoch Times Newspaper in New York City

- Mr. Carrol Conley, Executive Director of the Christian Civic League of Maine

- Dr. Demi Kouzounas, Chair of the Maine GOP

More information is available at:

Critical Race Theory, Marxism, Left, Leftism, Communism, Totalitarianism, Totalitarian, Love, Freedom, God, Atheism, Xi Zinping, Erdogan, Khamenei, Kim Jong Un

New Book: The Mystical Love of God: Video Discussion Remarks

by Peter Falkenberg Brown

On April 7th, some good friends of mine invited me to come on a video call with a
group of their friends, who were all studying the mystical path. I was asked to
speak about my newly published book:

The Mystical Love of God:
Divine Writing Messages from the God Who Is Always with Us

I was grateful for the opportunity, and present to you here
the sections of the zoom call in which I offered my remarks and
answered some questions.

You can find the book at
with a link to an Amazon purchase page.

You can also email me at
[email protected].

Courtship 2.0: Practical ways to find the right marriage partner without the emotional baggage of premarital sex

with Peter Falkenberg Brown

Many young people today have given up on marriage and are even questioning if they want to have children.

To many, marriage and family life seems to be broken.

Is there a way to restore hope and viability to the concept of marriage?

Will it help marriages last longer and provide more happiness if we approach marriage with more clarity and with new ideas?

8 recommendations for a new “Courtship 2.0”

Two Pillars of Courtship 2.0.

1. Find the Right Person for You

2. Maintain Sexual Abstinence before Marriage

3. Cultivate Friends Instead of a Boyfriend or Girlfriend and Make a New Tradition of No-Sex Dating

4. Marry a Person Who Will Be Your Dearest Friend

5. Make Sure That Your Future Spouse Shares Your Views and Expectations about Marriage

6. You Can Marry a Flawed Person, But Don’t Marry a Person Whose Lifestyle Violates Your Conscience

7. Make Sure That Both of You Commit to Each Other 100 Percent

8. Enter Marriage with a Maintenance Plan: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Many conservatives and liberals believe in God, while many if not most Leftists do not. I believe that America became great and exceptional not only because of the incredible US Constitution, but also because of the faith in God that the Founders and citizens had in common. But now, in 2021, that faith in God is at risk.

Thus, even if you believe in God, this video may be of interest. First, because it's a fascinating topic (and vitally important, per above), and second, you may have a friend or family member who doesn't believe in God, but who may be open to the idea that God exists.

If you have feedback, do let me know, and if you like the video, you might wish to show it to your agnostic or atheist-but-seeking friends or family.

March 11, 2021

Jack Monahan’s audio interview with Peter Falkenberg Brown on:

“The Cultural and Political Divide in America”

This is a Love, Freedom, and the World Podcast, and I’m Peter Falkenberg Brown.

Today, on March 11, 2021, a freelance journalist and podcast producer named Jack Monahan interviewed me for thirty minutes as part of a long-form series he’ll be publishing online in the autumn of this year. He’s compiling stories of people of different beliefs and backgrounds from across the country, focused on the cultural and political divide currently affecting America.

He’ll be publishing the completed series at his website: He’s graciously given me permission to post his interview with me on my website, at, for which I thank him.

Part 1 of 3, with Peter Falkenberg Brown

"Are American Freedoms One Election Away from Extinction?"

Hosted by the Gray Republican Committee of Gray, Maine
with a total of 50 Cosponsors, including the Gray Committee.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Toddy Brook Golf Course Café, North Yarmouth, Maine

The Honorable Paul LePage,
Former Governor of Maine

Dr. Demi Kouzounas
Chair of the Maine Republican Party

Peter Falkenberg Brown
Chair of the Gray Republican Committee

For more info about the Gray Committee:

For more info about Peter Falkenberg Brown:

President Trump, Donald Trump, Trump, Republicans, GOP, Freedom, November Election, 2020 Election, Socialism, Communism, Leftism, Paul LePage, Demi Kouzounas, Peter Falkenberg Brown

We all want love, beauty, joy, and freedom, but how can we create a society where those things flourish?

How do we create a society where all people can be free?

What does it mean to become a "Being of Love"?

This video explores those questions and introduces viewers to the "Love, Freedom, & the World" video channel, by Peter Falkenberg Brown.

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