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R.I.P Dan the Meme Man

The german Oi! band's most infamous song.

The Tool tribute channel, ToolArchive, has been terminated yesterday, and this is by far their biggest video.

(Where you can find him/her...)

This is a bit of a PSA upload. Earlier in May, a bunch of cannabis related YouTube channels have been terminated, including StrainCentral's which had over 300 thousand subscribers. I managed to save one of his videos, and I want to remind the Bitchute community to urge him to come over to this platform for his future content. There's still a future for these people.

(Here is his social media)
→ Twitter: (
→ Instagram: (
→ Twitch: (
→ Snapchat: scjosh710


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The goal of this channel is to open you guys up to some videos or channels that have been censored on YouTube, and give them a home here. I do not take credit for anything that goes up on this channel. Reuploads do not equal endorsements.

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