Not that I agree with calling Black people the N word or would ever include that word in my own comments, but does this mean free speech is finally returning to YouTube, and 'fringe' creators like me can actually hope to have a livelihood on there soon?

That's what women face that men never face. No wonder 90 percent of anorexia victims are female.

Too bad Alex Jones has a huge fanbase but Amber Heard doesn't.

Vegan gains may say crazy things but at least he doesn't discriminate on who he bullies, and he's not misogynistic like Nick Fuentes. It blows my mind how men on YouTube think Vegan Gains is a sociopath but they call actual misogynistic sociopaths like Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin 'based'.

especially Tokata Iron Eyes, who literally needs to be saved from him.

It's humorous rather than blasphemous.

If not, stop blaming women for male suicide!

This is a compilation displaying the meowing/roaring sounds of a housecat, bobcat, caracal, lynx, cougar(or mountain lion), leopard, cheetah, black panther, lion and tiger.

compilation of the extremely cute bunny moments I have seen on YouTube

Specifically, he said that about 2 female politicians, Cassidy Hutchinson and Alyssa Farah Griffin.
^Link to the forum post about this issue. If you haven't signed up, I encourage you to do so. If you are already a user, feel free to join the discussion in that thread.

#wagie #bogdanoff

Another act of male violence. I get that Black men commit more violent crime, but White men aren't exempt from doing these things either. Besides, I think White men are more likely to commit 'road rage' than other races of men.


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